Friday, April 27, 2007


I assure you that the spoilers are in the comments.

Remember when I shared this YouTube video and you laughed so hard you cried and peed? :

I have to give "Product Recall" my vote for most favoritest Office episode ever. And here's why...

And, yup, reminder: You can go do the contest now.


Poppy Cede said...


1. Jim imitating Dwight
2. The entire company having to take calls about the watermark incident
3. Cartoon porn between a duck and a mouse. Doggie style.
4. Anatomical correctness (goat and a chicken, chicken and a goat)
5. Michael throwing in "that's what she said" during the watermark crisis
6. Andy realizing he has a high school girlfriend then calling her a bitch in front of her principal instead of focusing on the watermark incident
7. The look of horror on Pam's face when Michael told her to comb her hair
8. When things don't go Michael's way while apologizing to his "most important client" he calls her a beyotch because he's mature like that
9. Kelly teaching Accounting to do customer service calls
10. Angela totally sucking at customer service calls
11. NO JAREN OR JAM (because everyone's sick of the drama)
12. Dwight imitating Jim and doing the Jim bobble

Ohhh, I'm sure there are so many other reasons. What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

I just think that Dwight and Michael were kind of out of character. Michael might be an immature asshole but he's always been surprisingly good at dealing with customers and Dwight would NEVER dress up as Jim. NEVER.

Poppy Cede said...

I agree to disagree with the following counterpoints: Michael sometimes loses it. Granted, it's usually with his own staff, but he does sometimes lose it. Also, I think Dwight saw mocking Jim as fair revenge for stealing his identity. It was hilarious. Dwight looking right at the camera while he Jim bobbled made me lose my shit.

Anonymous said...


So who's winning the contest so far? If I enter a second time as Fynn would you consider that cheating? Also, Tug would like to make an entry, too. 'Cuz he's a big fan of cheese. And cats. And he knows how to read. He's a very smart dog.

Poppy Cede said...

I assure you the contest is NOT rigged when I say that Bdogg is winning the contest. She's my bestest friend EVAH and she's an intuit. If Fynn and Tug sit at the computer and do the quiz themselves then their results will be counted. :)

Poppy Cede said...

And I got confused that you were talking about the other Tug and I was wondering what was keeping her from posting, but I caught on that you meant your dog. That was funny, though!

Kristen said...

How much sympathy do I get when I tell you I haven't seen a single episode of the Office this year? It's true. When I moved, I found out that the Tivo doesn't work right up here, and I have to physically be in front of the TV when my shit comes on. Well, there's a MIL ass in front of the one TV and a FIL ass in front of the other TV, and my ass doesn't get to sit in front of a TV unless I want to watch hockey.

It's a good thing I like hockey.

Poppy Cede said...

It is indeed a good thing you like hockey. How many days before you move out????!!!!!

stefanie said...

I deliberately didn't read the comments on this right away, because I hadn't watched the episode yet. (Thanks for the heads-up about the semi-hidden spoilers.) ;-) I agree Kelly having to teach the accountants to be customer service reps (and Angela completely sucking at being a customer service rep) was excellent. I think my favorite part, though, was Dwight coming in dressed like Jim, and everyone saying, "Wow; lookin' good, Dwight!" Ha.