Sunday, September 30, 2007

/rant on

For the crystal clear record, I'm not talking about any of you. Promise.

Poppy pet peeve: People telling me they're going to do things they have no intention of doing.

Someone has been promising me since March that he'll email me about something and he still hasn't. I wouldn't care, except he keeps telling me every couple months, "oh, yup, I'm still totally going to email you!" Dude, just fucking forget it. I don't even care! What I do care about? You keep dragging this out, like I'm just sitting around waiting for your fucking email and you're some sort of really important person in my life who I can't wait to reconnect with.

I hope he does finally send an email just so that I can ignore it indefinitely. Cuz I'm a bitchy bastard like that.

/rant off
I am listening to Charlie Parker's Okiedoke. :) What better way to spend a Sunday?

perhaps a rhetorical question

Why do people think it's a good idea to call up radio stations and use fake voices (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Beavis, etc.) to give that station praise for being so awesome?

It just makes those people look stupid.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


I bought the DVD Knocked Up today. The tag line for this movie is located to the right of Seth Rogen's head and says, "what if this guy got you pregnant?" I'm really not into getting pregnant right now but I think there is more of a "would you even have sex with this dude?!" message underneath.

The question I pose to all of the internets: Am I the only one who thinks Seth Rogen is a total hottie?

Amy Sedaris might have one too

My guest post about pretty kitties is up at Avi's. Please enjoy.

For those of you too scared to go there I'll scare you with some of my favorite girl from afar, Amy Sedaris, and then you'll go running to Avi's just because it's safer there.

Part 1 of Amy on Martha Stewart - Li'l Smoky Cheese Balls

Part 2 of Amy on Martha Stewart - Li'l Smoky Cheese Balls

Isn't she great? :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

My first guest post evah

Hi, all! Heh, I've been quiet today. Sorry about that. Just want to remind everyone that I am posting over at Avi's tomorrow. I think it's a good post. You can think what you like about it, but you should leave me a comment there. (Or leave him one, that works too.)

Be forewarned: Nothing about his site is safe for children, for work, or for normal human beings.

An office spoiler party confessional grinning extravaganza because I like long titles, keep it comin', hi.

Michael hit Meredith with his car, which I almost did to someone who came out of nowhere yesterday. Luckily I didn't actually hit her.

I'm only part way into the episode because I'M WATCHING IT ONLINE AT NBC.COM, WOOT FOR THEM CHANGING TO FULL EPISODES!!!, but I'm entirely convinced Kevin's right about Jam. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D (did I mention :D ?)

Oh, and Dwight totally killed Angela's cat. Honestly, it was a mercy killing. I'm not yet sure if we learn how he did it, but ... I'm just thinking of quality of life and how hard it was to keep my girl going when she was that sick. It sucks bags of gooey pus. (Yum! Hope you weren't eating!)

Update: ZOMG JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

You have to be a good pessimist first in order to be a good optimist.

Yah, I just made that up.

Feedback about the house showings: "We really like the house, but..."

The "buts" are things out of our control. One family needs to sell their house first, and it's in the same town as ours where the market is the roughest in the county. The other family thought our house wasn't private enough. For those of you who have seen the property from an aerial view (stalkers!) you can see that we're really not next to much of anything, so what I surmise is that they didn't like that there was no fence, or that the house isn't surrounded by trees, or that the house is too close to the dead end road off a dead end road. *shrug*

I am hopeful. :) In Poppy fashion. For this one day I shall claim the title of fashionista.

f bomb

Stupid fucking phone etiquette: The person who keeps CALLING MY PHONE but never leaving a message. If I don't recognize your number I'M NOT PICKING UP THE CALL. TAKE A FUCKING HINT. You've called me 15 times in the last two weeks. Do I EVER answer? NO. NO, I DO NOT. EXCEPT BY ACCIDENT WHILE I MUMBLE "LEAVE ME A FUCKING VOICEMAIL MESSAGE."

(And if you're the one calling me, then I revise the entry to: Please leave me a voicemail so I know who you are. :)


I know I told people not to guess what my secret is but Mikey is guessing anyway. :) You crack me up, monsieur.

Ok, seriously... je ne suis pas amusée!!!!!!

So, say you're me. And you know it's supposed to rain today because you bothered to check the weather. And you check the radar to see if any rain is in the forecast for soon. And you see there isn't any. So you walk over to the next building to check your mail because you're kinda sorta hoping maybe someone sent you something. And you get there and it's not there. No big deal, maybe another day, (nervous laugh because maybe they forgot). And then you're walking back. And the skies are clear. But some asshat jerkface dickwad is playing with the sprinkler system. And just as you're walking by he intentionally increases the pressure of the spray. And you get all wet. And you get all grumpy. And for a moment your day is super shitty.

That's me right now.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I am sure you are sick of me, but Shirley you're not sick of cereal.*

So, this cold is kicking my ass for one final day. I woke up to my throat and head going, "don't you even think about going to work today!!" so I didn't. I fed the kitties, emailed work that I would not be showing up, took some Theraflu DAYTIME, and fell back to sleep for 3 hours. Ahhhhhh... much better. I know this is the last day because my voice is now officially messed up.

Now, if you will excuse me, CEREAL WEDNESDAY SEASON 2 IS HERE AND I NEED TO WATCH IT!!!!!!!!! so, shh:

*I say lame things when I'm sick.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

zomg nose! zomg noes!

Seriously! How can there be any more snot up in there?!?!

And in celebrity news, Jessica Biel will be the next Wonder Woman. That role? That role belongs to Charisma Carpenter. Or Kate Beckinsale. NOT JT'S SLAMPIECE, YO!


Who picks these people?!?!?!?!?

little tiny bits

I am reeeeeeeally super excited, but I can't tell you why yet. (anyone who knows: SHHHHHHH. AND NO GUESSING. just be happy I have something to tell you.)

The house is on the market and has been shown once already, will be shown again tomorrow.

A lot of people in my department have the same cold as I have. We all apparently licked the same door handle.

I'm sort of over my cold, but I won't believe it until I stop sneezing. *sneeze* Dammit!

Britt posted a realllllly super nice post about Avi today. If you want to know the real Adam please read that post. (Today is <3 a Britt day!)

Ok, that's all I have to say for now. Bye. :)
My Dionne Warwick psychic friends prediction: Today might not be so good.

Heeeeeeey, back off there, buddy. I could be wrong! Maybe your day will be great! :) But, ... yah, probably not.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sick conversacione

Poppy: Nose?
Poppy's nose: Yes, Poppy?
Poppy: Nose, stop running.
Poppy's nose: Nope!
Poppy: Yes!
Poppy's nose: No.
Poppy: Yeeeeees.
Poppy's nose: Nah.
Poppy: Yuh!
Poppy's nose: What's in it for me?
Poppy: Nose?
Poppy's nose: Yup!
Poppy: You're mean.
Poppy's nose: Yup!

Mark your calendars

I was gonna wait and post this on Wednesday, but my cold has ravaged my poor little brain so I'm opting for this pre-existing post instead.

I am guest posting on Avi's blog Saturday. (WHY, Poppy? W.H.Y.?!??) Ummmmmm, cuz he asked me to? Yup. That'd be the reason.)

If you go there now you can read RW's and Mr. Fab's very disturbing posts which are up already! My post will be completely tame in comparison.

This is so weird, I'm suddenly super internets popular. Thanks, everybody. :) And just for you I provide an encore of Snake skin:

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Poppy's official breaking news

I have a cold. I'm about to drag my ass to get some cold medicine and orange juice and tea before hunkering down to read bedtime stories. Please, no visitors. I heal faster if I am unfettered.

Friday, September 21, 2007

riddle me that, batman

Why is it you always have to opt out of something no one wants to be in and opt into something you'd be insane to want out of?

ACW just made me a happy little flower by telling me about the Verizon wireless opt out so that my phone doesn't get spammed by businesses I don't want calling it. Fuckers. (Not ACW, he's only one man. I mean Verizon.)

No more.

I overheard a co-worker talking so went to CNN to check. In Dover, DE there was another university shooting incident. I am particularly disturbed by these incidents for my own reasons that most of you understand. Of course CNN needs to make their digs by comparing this to Virginia Tech as well as including a link to the report that says lives could have been saved in that incident.

Why do I read CNN? What should I be reading for my news instead? Please, I beg of you, tell me. Google News?

a picture saying its own words

No, it's not Puppy's birthday, it's just been 3 months. It feels like just yesterday, and also an eternity.

(If you're new to Puppy, go here then here, but bring a box of tissues.)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Paul Potts redux redux redux redux

So, I have the Paul Potts album (yeeeeeeeeeeeee) and I am listening to it and it is making me a smiley. And it makes me think, "really?!" in response to all of you who don't see it my way. How about this video instead? Does this video tug at your heartstrings? Or are you DEAD INSIDE? :

Please. Please. Implore you to actually hear what I hear.

beans get spilled sometimes, it's just life

Cheldear asks:

You okay? Worried about ya... You haven't blogged in a couple of days....

Here's the short story, although not the full story (duh, it's short): Hay and I are selling our house. It goes on the market tomorrow. We've spent all week (and really he has spent much longer) preparing it for sale. Last night we completed staging of the upstairs and tonight we completed staging of the downstairs. Our realtor takes photos for an online 360 tour (you can spin around the home!) tomorrow.

Couple this with the fact that work has continued to be busy and you have an absent Poppy.

So, yah, hi to you all! Sorry I dine and ditch. It's not lack of love, it's lack of time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

career in the making

Look, everyone! Paul Potts made his album!

For those who don't recall, Paul won Britain's Got Talent with his wonderful voice. :) The winning performance, in case you'd like to watch it again:

What do you suppose that means?

I was digging through my Morris the Cat bag with my left hand looking for my wallet to pay Kristy* for my coffee while my right hand patiently waited for me to discover that my wallet was already in it. It was so quiet about it. "When you're ready to notice, here I am!" Such an adorable right hand.

... I dunno, it's where my uncaffeinated mind took me.

*Kristy is the manager of the restaurant upstairs. She only comes downstairs to work in the cafe when an employee is let go or leaves. John the flirty cafe cashier? Been gone two weeks now. Perhaps he was too flirty with all the ladies. ;)

Update: John the flirty cafe cashier is, in fact, still working at the cafe. Oops. Ladies, you can now return to your regularly scheduled swooning. Sorry I upset you earlier by implying otherwise.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cuz Seth Green is way funnier

Seth Green defends Chris Crocker:

Seth Green Chris Crocker Outtakes

Add to My Profile | More Videos

yummy deep fried

Doesn't this look tasty?


It's a cheesesteak egg roll! Talk about your food corn porn!

(PS - Apparently today is my "FUCK" day. I apologize to the kids.)

Well, that just pisses me right the fuck off.

You know how when I get pissed off I am not too happy, cuz, yah, that's what being pissed off is all about? I'm a little BEYOND THAT WITH BLOGGER AT THE FUCXKINGKING MOMENT.

I received a lovely comment email from Cheldear about Jesus being her favorite person and when I clicked the link to go back to MY POST to see HER COMMENT it FUCKING TOOK ME TO A FUCKING PORN SITE.



playing favorites

I was checking out SuperJitan/Alan's newest video (he is the brother of Paperlilies) and he was video responding to mememolly who asked, "are you anyone's favourite person?"

Here's his video:

Here's mememolly's link.

I hope I'm somebody's favorite person. For a very long time I was absolutely certain I was nobody's favorite person. Not one person on the planet even thought of me in a given day, I was 100% certain of that. And then I started blogging. And now I can think of a person or two who might consider me their favorite. Even in saying that I say it with caution, because being someone's favorite in the universe is a very difficult task to pull off.

Do you believe you are anyone's favorite person? If so, blog about it. Don't have to say who, just talk about that person.

I know I'm not actually answering my own question. What can I say? Even if people were to tell me to my face or in my comments that I am their favorite person I'd have this sliver of doubt, say to them "surely [insert person in their life] is your favorite, not me."

I'm agreeing with Alan, this is kinda depressing. I can think of someone who is *my* favorite, but trying to answer if I am someone else's favorite is an impossible question. Doesn't only that person know for sure?

Sunday, September 16, 2007


What the hell did I do with my childhood?

Sara is 8, Ryusei is 5.

Waiting until "Christmas" sucks ass

I really want to see this. Now. I'm patient about certain things, but seeing a Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp that is going to rock is not something I enjoy waiting around for. Gimme.

Really, though, who doesn't want to see a Sweeney Todd remake?!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's a Miracle (It's a Miracle)

Don't you hate it when I get Culture Club songs stuck in your head?! *giggle*


Now hear this

From this point forward wHall shall now be known as Wahhhhhhhhhh! and Chelle is a goddess. That is all, citoyens.

Life lesson #1,674,342

If I clean my home once a week rather than semi-annually it is much easier to maintain. Hmm. Who woulda thunk?

Course, now there's catnip all over the living room floor which got there 3 seconds after I swept.

Do you see what I see (do you see what I see)?

Don't you hate it when I get Christmas songs stuck in your head? *grin*

Excuse my unmade bed for the purposes of this demonstration.

You see Ripley:

You see Allie:

You see how close they are to each other? :

Yah, they never do that. Except they kinda do now. The girls are bonding a little. :)

Of course, Ripley's a little camera shy today so directly after that last picture she crawled off the bed and UNDER the covers:

I love my girls. :) :) :)

In case anyone's wondering, "where's Georgie?!" let me assure you she's not far:

Hangin' in the window staring at the squirrels. :)

(I'm smiley today.)

Update: ZOMG, it's happening again! Look! :

They do not chew my wires

I just watched a grey squirrel climb up onto the tire of my Kia. So cute!

Which reminds me to mention that on the way home many nights a particular reddish-grey squirrel crosses the road about 50 feet in front of me. I'm pretty sure he's welcoming me home. :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Which one of us flipped the switch?

I used to get these nice, clean emails showing everyone's comments, such as:

    Poppy Cede has left a new comment on your post "Serious question":

    DCMM, awesomeeeeeeeeee! I emailed you.

    ACW, you funny.

But for all of today I've instead received this:

    New comment on I blame SSH.
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: multipart/alternative;

    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

    Poppy Cede has left a new comment on your post "I blame SSH":

    Is it sad that the term pwn makes me slink down and snicker like Hong
    Kong Phooey?(ZOOOOOMG.)

    Posted by Poppy Cede to Poppy Cedes at Fri Sep 14, 11:50:00 PM EDT
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

    Poppy Cede has left a new comment on your post "I blame SSH":

    Is it sad that the term pwn makes me slink down and snicker like Hong Kong Phooey?


    Posted by Poppy Cede to Poppy Cedes at Fri Sep 14, 11:50:00 PM EDT


Supah grody. Turn off. Back to simple. FIX IT, FIX IT.

I blame SSH

I mean Wayne: says I'm a Highly Dorky High Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

At least I smoked his ass in the dumb/dork/awkward category! Hey... wait a minute...


See, I'm not all that and a bag o' chips. I'm just some o' that and half a bag. I did just eat a lot of cottage cheese with spaghetti sauce on it, so I might suddenly be smarter. Maybe I should take the test again.


Am I the only one who gets whipped cream on coffee drinks just so I can dump sugar all over the top then bend over, shove my face into it, and eat it?

Sooooo tasty.

(I know where your minds just went. I don't care. It's the best damn thing on the damn planet, you should try it.)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Serious question

Anyone know how to uninstall JRE? On Mac OS X?

It's not a function of the installer, and I don't see it in the package contents. If I rip out the J2SE 5.0 folder and delete the plist files the damn thing still works. wtF? It's like fucking MALWARE.

I got (almost) nothing except something about dilated pupils*

I started watching Requiem for a Dream last night before bed. I'm not sure who told me this movie was severely fucked up, but I'm going to vote that it's only in the very best way. Despite my absolute disdain for Jared Leto I am really enjoying the movie. Granted, I'm only 33 minutes into it, but I've already decided that I am going to like it all the way to its end.

I have nothing else interesting to say, and it shows. :)

Oh, I guess that's not true. I'm supposed to go out to dinner with a work friend tonight because we completed a gnarly project and could use some celebration time. I've never hung out with her outside of work before, but she seems really cool at work, so I have high hopes. Do I get a beer at the pub or do I act all smartassed and order something frou-frou? I have to drive home after so I'm thinking of getting a Midori Sour or some other "coming down from the buzz" drink so that I never actually get on the buzz.

Ok, really, that's all. Anyone else want to tell me something interesting?

*In Requiem there are many shots of dilated pupils from drug use. And drunk people have dilated pupils, right?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It amuses me to no end that I leave comments on other people's blogs and then other commenters write "I agree with Poppy." It happens a lot. It's happened 3 or 4 times this week already!

I had no idea I was so ... um, agreeable!

Life getting away from me...

I had every intention of posting earlier in the day, but the day just slipped out from under my fingers.

I didn't feel well this morning so I stayed home and basically did absolutely nothing productive outside the e-world aside from feed the girls and do laundry. Very exciting! And it's suddenly past time to feed the girls again so I'm gonna go do that. Since I have nothing interesting to post about me, allow me to post something interesting about someone else:

Putin dissolves government

MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday replaced his long-serving prime minister with an obscure Cabinet official — a surprise move that could put him in the running to succeed Putin in next year’s presidential election.

The nomination of Viktor Zubkov, who currently oversees the government’s fight against money laundering, appeared to have caught much of the Russian political elite off-guard.

Putin had been expected to announce in December whom he would back to run for president next year — and Russia’s two first deputy prime ministers — former Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov and gas giant Gazprom board chairman Dmitry Medvedev — were widely considered to be the leading contenders. (rest of story)

Raise your hand if Russia (ok, the USSR) scared the absolute shit out of you as a kid. *hand raised*

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rogue Wave

I so dig this band right now:

They have a new album out next Tuesday. Although, honestly, it's all new to you, n'est-ce pas?

You know you wanna be their friends, so go ahead!

Bush sees forest through trees

Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 15:53:02 -0400
From: CNN Breaking News
Reply-To: newseditor@MAIL.CNN.COM
Subject: CNN Breaking News

-- President Bush will announce this week plans to cut U.S. troops in Iraq by about 30,000 -- to pre-'surge' levels -- by next summer, a senior administration
official confirms to CNN.

That's interesting.

I'm proudest of my tree analogy in the title.

I better move fast if I want me some John Krasinski

Jenna Fischer, Spouse Go Separate Ways

NEW YORK -- Jenna Fischer of "The Office" and her husband, filmmaker James Gunn, have separated after six years of marriage, Fischer's publicist, Lewis Kay, said Friday.

"We are sorry for any pain this causes family and friends," the pair said in a statement on Gunn's MySpace page. "The enthusiasm we have for each other's lives, spirits and careers is real -- we have been each other's cheerleader and friend during the past six years and continue to be so now and in the future."

The 33-year-old actress was nominated for an Emmy this year for her work on NBC's "The Office." She portrays mousy secretary Pam Beesly, who found confidence last season when she confessed her romantic feelings to co-worker Jim Halpert (John Krasinksi).

Gunn, 37, directed last year's "Slither," which co-starred Fischer. (Chicago Tribune)

Dropping like flies.

What do you think was going through their heads?

My guess: "We're bored, let's torture and dehumanize a random person!"

Today is the day to ponder our ability to be compassionate instead of totally disgusting asshats.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I thought I told the boys to stop flirting with me...

Guess which blogger said this to me? :

"My God, you are a stunning vision of beauty! Do you do any modeling? You really should. I'm serious! Gazing upon your shining countenance is a balm for my soul!"

Now, guess why.

Oh, okay, fine, I'll just tell you. Mr. Fabulous ASKED ME to co-host his show and then GAVE MY TIME SLOT AWAY TO BRITT. Such a fucking slap in the face because you know all of the internet likes her better and I'm just second best. Well, THANKS FOR RUBBING IT IN, FAB.

And now he's attempting to make up for it. HA.

In the words of Padma Lakshmi: Eat me, and my deep fried pinkie toe!!!!


(Show's still on for December 2. ;)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007

I can't figure out how to feel about this.

There is something very disturbing about watching xPLx talk about sucking her dick, licking her ass. And yet I am aroused by her eyes under the light.

Hmm. Is this video hot or not?

Do I have "flirt with me" tattooed on my forehead or something?

Seriously, boys ... settle it down.

I am very super charming *bat bat*

I just convinced my co-worker that he needed to loan me every single DVD he has at work (10) and his "Serenity: Those Left Behind" comic book in exchange for my Hot Fuzz DVD.

I kinda rock.

Anyone seen my belt?

My pants are seriously going to fall right off my bod. I need a belt! But I can't find any of them. Disastre. :)

(Which one of you stole all my belts?! Bad!)

old school

I used to have the biggest crush on Neneh Cherry:

It has not dissipated, I see. *giggle*

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Poppy flavored spring rolls

My friend with the very adorable kids (the wife of Break Boy) sent me this photo:

Along with it she wrote "this totally reminds me of you" which made me smile and feel some happiness. A step in the right direction. I had been feeling nothing for myself today... essentially numb. So, it's good to feel. :)

My interpretation: I am cute Asian food. Yum!

I wonder what the strawberries are doing there... Palate cleanser? And is that a larger than life smiling Buddha Jordan almond? heeeeeee!


This is a photo of Georgia, Ripley, Allie, and Little Kitty. LK was my childhood cat and was around for the first few months of my blog but she was very sick. She now sits in a wooden box on my bedside table.

I think, just because I can, I'm going to sing Snow Patrol at the top of my lungs and then go to Starbucks on the way to work. :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Focusing in on the end game

Music? Check!
Soda? Check!
"Don't bother me unless you're a cool kid" away message? Check!
Bad Kitty hat? Check!
In the zone mode? Check!
Instructions on the vision for this project? Cheeeeck.

Time to rock. and roll. and stuff. I'm sure it's very cute to watch, but I've got my serious face on today. :)

My evil plan has worked!!!

Yesterday I tricked Dawg into writing a post for me today.


Dawg, I'm totally the bigger dweeb. Seriously. See this hair? zomg bad. See me standing in the corner facing the wall? See 11000 people walk right past and not acknowledge my existence? Yup, I'm a dweeb!

(And I kid, because neither one of us is a dweeb. At all. Not even a smidge. Other insulting adjectives, sure. But dweeb? Nope! And thank you for giving me a morning giggle. :)

PS - I tooooootally keep forgetting to mention (wtf!) that on my way home from a work conference, meeting Avi and Britt (yah?) and maybe even Crys if she suddenly decides to hit la FL, and seeeeeeeiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg B!!!!!! I am hanging out with Dawg in NYC during a layover back to France and we're doing a Cereal Wednesday together!!!!!!! ZOMG I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED I CAN'T FUCKING STAND IT. That might be cuz I just had coffee, but I'm pretty sure it's cuz I get to hang with Dawg for a few hours and eat cereal. :D Mark your calendars for October something-or-other. ;)

Bill is Fabulous

I had something to say about Bill Murray and Mr. Fabulous... Hmm, but not together. What could those be...

Ahhh, yes.

If you see Bill Murray driving a golf cart down the street he's harmless and adorable. (If you have not seen the movie Scrooged then I absolutely order you to rent or buy it. Now. GO! I'll wait.)

If you listen to Mr. Fab's radio show on December 2 you will hear me co-hosting. I realize that December is far away, but isn't it a good idea to mark your calendars early?

That is all, citizens.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

as promised

Dumpster photos:

Some of the neighborhood kids came by yesterday and wanted to use the wood on top to build a fort. :( That wood is just holding stuff in there because it's been very windy lately. That's $100 in wood that Hay is not willing to part with. Understandable. If it's still just sitting around when the house is sold we'll give it to the kids. :) (And by then they probably won't want it, oh well.)

Monday, September 03, 2007

long ago

I smell you and your room in my
Université de Paris sweatshirt and am
overwhelmed by a battery of thoughts,
chasing each other by and through a thin film
of association. Some paths, painful, send me
reeling back, searching for a clearer way. As I
continue searching, it doesn't matter so much,
as long as I continue. I don't want to put the
sweatshirt in the laundry, not yet anyway.
You remain here, a certain possible distance
from me.

This is a glimpse.

My first love wrote this for me. It's funny, my perception of our time together is that I was always chasing after him and he was always running away. I don't even really remember what this means anymore. If it were dated I could at least obtain a frame of reference, but it just sits on a piece of paper, staring up at me, trying to tell me something, and I don't know what exactly.

I do remember wearing his sweatshirts. I enjoyed doing that. I enjoyed smelling his scent. I guess he enjoyed mine as well.

I also just found a series of journal entries I wrote about our last days together before he left to study abroad. My deep poem to him that he doesn't know exists:

Never again will he smile just for me.
Never again will he kiss my lips.
Never again will he caress my body.
Never again will he hold me and tell me everything will be alright.
Never again will he love me with all of his heart.

I sit and hope for never to come.

I wrote that the very day he left, right after he got on the plane. Gosh, I was intense back then. :)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Did Britney just become relevant again?

Damn her. Just heard her new track, Gimme More, in the car and I loved it. I am such a dork.

I knew Perez would have it and I'm too lazy to hunt further, so here's a version of it, although not the radio version (which starts, "it's Britney, bitch") that I heard on the radio.

Update: Two seconds later I found the radio version at Perez's site. Bitchin'. (heeee)

I was there. See? Right there. Yup!

I found my ticket stub from the July 13, 1994 Grateful Dead concert in Highgate, Vermont. I was there with my then boyfriend and we had an incredible time, despite my kinda-disinterest in The Dead. I know we were just there for the experience, but it was definitely an enchanting one.

For photos of that event go see Jim Anderson's site. If you can pick me out in the crowd I'll give you a cookie. :P

See the space between my fingers? There isn't any, because they're touching. I'm this close to running away. Just running. And not looking back. This day is impossibly hard.

(Yup, this would be a private post if BLOGGER DID THAT.)

Flattery gets you to NYC

I think Dawg is sweet on me. He snacks on me almost weekly.

(Okay, okay, he snacks on Avi every week too, so maybe he's sweet on us both. :P )

Thank you, Dawg. I never think I have anything interesting to say anymore but you keep proving me wrong.

No SGP today. Cleaning out my house before the ginormous dumpster is stolen away by the deft man with the big truck. Bye!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Who knew there was so much crap in my house? You know who knows now? The ginormousest dumpster I've ever seen that's sitting in my driveway. It's filling UP.

I know, I know, I keep talking about the dumpster but not showing you the dumpster. I will show you later when it's filled up. Because it will be. This cleaning out the house is, pardon the punny, cleansing.

Off to get a mocha as reward for all this hard work. :)

This just in...

Instrumental Christmas music makes Georgie severely grumpy:

It's what was in my CD player/alarm clock. I never listen to the CD player. I wake up to the BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP noise.

We have switched to iTunes shuffle. Georgie is now happily cleaning her leg.

fairly weighed

Went to the fair last night and ate lots of yummy food and fed ameenals and watched people screaming on rides and ignored carnies but secretly watched them out of the corner of my eye and allowed myself to enjoy the time.

Today I am throwing things away since we have this massive dumpster sitting in our driveway. I'm starting out by throwing away clothes, and I'm torn. I used to weigh 50 lbs more, less than two years ago. I gained those 50 between 1997 and 2005, steadily over time for the most part. And now I'm just a little nervous about throwing away 3/4 of my wardrobe, ya know? But I'm doing it anyway. Because, just like with being scared, what's wrong with being a little nervous? :)