Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yellow birds with very sharp claws

I don't game. I'm no good at it. I die a lot and swear like a sailor as I go down in flames. But I like looking at the world of gaming from afar. I'm totally into gamecakes and Heroine Sheik and now Sexy Videogameland which has a post about the theme bento community at LiveJournal, including a game character theme. My favorite kicking ass bird of all time, Chocobo, is posted there in bento box form:

Courtesy of Pikko from Adventures in Bentomaking who submitted to the Bento Challenge community.

Dragging ass with klass

Today I am sporting my LURKER t-shirt underneath my Williamsburg t-shirt. Talk about a mixed message. And a klass akt. Who decided to promote me to the senior level of my position? I'm such a bum... I even have holes in my socks (but not a beard, and my pinkie toe is cuter :P ).

Update: Mel requested a photo since I got to see her cleavage today (woohooo!) so I'm giving you a Photo Booth photo, which means it's the mirror image, with a Glow effect:

Yah, Poppy! Take it all off!

Hmm. I just catcalled myself. Heh. What can I say, I'm a sexy minx!

Hai, I can has!

Would you like to eat a beer-battered bacon double cheeseburger?

Yah, me too. Although, I'd make mine with a Whopper (or, better yet, a fresh burger) instead. And now I can because I have the recipe! Thanks to Accidental Hedonist for sharing the artery clogging wealth.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Commenting is a good thing.

So that Crys will continue to grace me with her presence I have changed how comments work on my blog. There is no longer an intermediary screen between clicking on comments and actually getting to post a comment. Please inform me via e m a l i :) if it's broken. Works for me.


Update: I just realized I broke my comments via feed reader. Working on it. Sorry. For now just click the link of the post and then click on comments. S.I.G.H.

Bring your A game, chitches!*

Slashfood reports:
The third season of Bravo's Top Chef is slated to begin on June 13th, this round to be held in Miami, Florida. Chef Tom Colicchio will be returning as head judge, as will host Padma Lakashmi and judge Gail Simmons. The panel will be rounded out with the addition of Ted Allen - of Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame.

In case that just isn't enough culinary madness for you, Bravo will also be broadcasting an "all-star grudge match" between four Season 1 contestants (Harold Dieterle, Stephen Asprinio, Tiffani Faison, and Dave Martin) and four Season 2 contestants (Ilan Hall, Sam Talbot, Elia Aboumrad, and Marcel Vigneron ) to be aired on June 6th, culminating with the teams serving their meals to the new chefs of Season 3.
I hope Tiffani and Ilan die a horrible death fall off the stage and have to sit out of the competition.

*Sometimes I think I'm being obvious but others don't catch on, so I'll deconstruct: chef + bitches = chitches. Chit is also what my grandmother says instead of shit, so that makes it even funnier for me.

DRM-free iTunes music. For a price.

Gone are the days of the 99 cent song. Now get DRM-free iTunes for just $1.29 per song. Yah. Huh. No. Granted, the songs are "256 kbps AAC encoding for audio quality virtually indistinguishable from the original recordings", but I can get DRM-free songs from Russia that sound just fine for 2 cents a song, so why mark up my songs 30 more cents and push me to that market?

I am finicky and you've just forced my finicky hand, Apple.


Go read the post.

Who needs sleep?

Why is it that I'll lie in bed wondering what time it is because it must be time to get up already even though the alarm didn't go off and instead of just looking at the clock I'll toss and turn and wish I was asleep and think about work and think about unresolved life issues and think about what I might want to have for dinner three days from next Monday and when I can't stand it anymore I'll look at the clock and see my alarm is going off in 7 minutes and then I'll shut my eyes really tight and fall back asleep and then the alarm wakes me up and I'm grumpy and won't get out of bed for 20 minutes?

Yesterday I played this game for 2 and a half hours. Today for an hour. Damn sun flooding the master bedroom. Can't wait to move back to the guest bedroom where it's NICE AND DARK.

If you need a movie recommendation, we watched half of The Departed last night and judging just by that half we give it quadruple thumbs up. If you don't like mob violence then don't watch it. Otherwise, yes, watch. The dildo scene is brief and shouldn't have even been hyped in the media because there's nothing to it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I love smooches

I posted this on CheezyCatz but I love it so much that I need to post it here too. So:

Source: ICHC

Seriously, this cake rawks.

From Kotaku via Tastespotting.

Justin Timberlake is a Dutch girl

If you love JT then you should watch this video. To the end. Seriously, to the end.

That's Dutch YouTube sensation Esmée Denters singing JT's song What Goes Around (Comes Around).

It's a fact.

It's very hard to blog when your mom is sitting on the couch next to you, assuming you don't want her to find out about your blog.

I'm back to work so my mom isn't sitting next to me right now but I still have nothing whatsoever to say other than "I hafta pee."

Monday, May 28, 2007

Because I am a giving person part deux

A has posted the recipe for her hot cocoa cupcakes! Visit her for the deets.

Because I am a giving person

I am posting about the Pinks and Blues contest for a Dooney & Bourke bag and some Victoria's Secret perfume in the hopes that if I do win I can give this gift to Tug. :)

If you would like to enter then go visit Pinks and Blues, leave a comment, then link back to their post on your blog. Good luck!

Just another mem(orial)ic Monday IV

31. Last time you witnessed a fight?
In kicking ass class.

32. What was the last alcoholic beverage you drank?
Newcastle. Breakfast of champions!

33. Do you like having your hair pulled?
Maaaaaaaaaybe. Depends who's doing the pulling.

34. Name three places you'd like to travel to:
Back to England
Back to Belgium
Back to the Future

35. Do you know how to ice skate?
Intellectually I do, but my ankles don't receive the message.

37. Name something you like that's out of the ordinary:
Pie. Okay, okay, and this one's just for Avi because I know how much he loves this (*grin*): Cottage cheese with steak sauce. Preferably original HP.

38. Is bigger really better?
This is a dirty little meme, it deserves a spanking! And the honest to goodness truthful answer for me: It's not about the length, it's about the girth and the forcefulness of the motion accompanying said girth. (We are talking about oak trees swaying in the wind, aren't we?)

39. What do you think of Brad Pitt?
I'm sure he's a very nice man but I prefer George.

40. Name a friend you have the most in common with:
I don't really like my friends to have things in common with me because then they're just like me and that's boring because I'm already like me. Strive to be different, okay?

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Hay and I went holiday garden shopping. We bought some snapdragons. When I was planting said snapdragons one of the flowers fell off. And then, you can probably guess what happened next because you know how I am, but I'll give you a hint: Rawr.

Yes, I laughed my ass off after I stopped recording. And when I first showed Hay and told him I needed to go make a video of it. :)

DSC04804 DSC04805

Please ignore my bare legs. Just didn't want to get garden dirt on the couch. Not trying to seduce the entire blogging world. Thank you.

(Sour, hope you're feeling better, sweetie! This post is dedicated to you. :)

I may get zero responses, considering the date.

If you were me, because, face it, you want to be, which would you cook for Memorial day?
  • boneless chicken breast
  • boneless pork chops
  • pale ale bratwurst
  • Hebrew National hot dogs
  • herb butter angus burgers and worcestershire with garlic angus burgers
  • fried tofu, sweet onions, sweet bell peppers, and julienne carrots with yummy Chinois glaze sauce over Jasmati rice
How about dessert for Memorial day?
  • cheesecake
  • Jell-O peanut butter cup no-bake dessert
  • chocolate silk pie
  • milk chocolate chunk brownies
  • carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Ben & Jerry's coffee heath bar crunch ice cream
  • plain old chocolate ice cream
It's okay to choose more than one of a main dish and a dessert but not more than two in each category. If you choose more than two then something really bad happens to the universe.

You are welcome to suggest things that aren't on the list but I am soooooo not going back to the store. :)

If I knew precisely where NYC Watchdog lived I'd buy him this as a parting gift.

Looks like the last of the Cereal Wednesdays will air on May 30. I am sad. I understand. I just hope Dawg does something new with videos because I'll miss seeing him if he stops making videos altogether.

In honor of my favorite EMT I present to you Cereal-on-the-Go sold by DormBuys.

You buy your own cereal and milk then use this handy dandy contraption to port your cereal around. Then when you're ready you combine it with your ported milk!

Now, I looooooooooooooove cold cereal, but what about everyone else? Do you mind if your cereal is refrigerated along with the milk (in separate compartments, but stacked on top of one another) so that your cereal is cold when you pour your milk over it? Yummmmmm.

SGP enhanced my chest size

My boobs hurt and they're twice as big as usual. Oh wait, wrong post.


Teasers from Canadialand:
DSC04624.JPG DSC04622.JPG

Teasers from Poppyland:
DSC04401.JPG DSC04732.JPG

The rest of the 134-photo fortnight set is at flickr. You will enjoy. Dammit. :)

AND STOP LOOKING AT MY BOOBS!!!!!! Well, okay, look for a sec.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Raise your glass (of Bud, I'm sure, since this weekend is ALL about the Bud)

Someone who shouldn't be (and isn't) reading my blog today got married. :) Happy wedding day, Joe!

Saturday morning's alright for fighting








*There aren't really marbles all over the kitchen. Rest is true.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hi, Puppy!

The neighbor's dog paid us a visit on Mother's Day.

Hi, Puppy!

I want a cookie but instead I get Brangelina

I would like a sugar cookie and might have to go scout for one soon, but in the meantime I am full up from Brad and Angie kissing, even though I can't actually see anything.

Found that photo over at I'm Not Obsessed but Vera didn't give her source. Weird that celebloggers don't give sourcers. Also weird? A lot of celebloggers link to my site as a fellow celeblogger site. Hi everyone, I'm the purest form of blogger -- random. I blame CityRag and MK for my celeblogger status. I would blame Kate at BritPoppa who now writes for The Bosh, but her site (BP which links to me, not TB which doesn't) is defunct. And perhaps I am linked to because I don't mind name dropping. Yup...

Update: I just totally inhaled one of those half-baked cookie dough ice cream and brownie Ben & Jerry's Peace Pops. YUMMMMMMMM. And I disagree with the assessment that it is only 78 degrees outside. It's at least 90.

Update 2: There is actually live (looping) video of the Brangelina kiss over at X17. It'd be hotter if they stopped looping it. But still pretty hot!

I actually do have a favorite song. / So what if I'm phoning it in? I almost died, man!

And not because of Grey's Anatomy. I don't watch that show.

The song that always pulls me out of reality into a world inside my head is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. It always triggers a very complex set of emotions in me when I hear it and I never want to leave that feeling while I'm having it.

Unfortunately, I don't care for the UK or US videos, but I present them to you anyway in case they're your cuppa tea.


The video inside my head is much, much better.

And totally unrelated, when I got to work today there were fire trucks and police cars everywhere because there was a gas leak. If I stop posting indefinitely then you know the leak came back (hehe) and exploded me into little bits and pieces. I really should give my blog password to someone so they can post a "Poppy is dead" message for me. Too bad I am a complete paranoid freak about password sharing...

Thursday, May 24, 2007


The lawn is mowed.

The house is clean.

We are moving into the master bedroom tonight.

It's hot as hell in the house because we don't have any A/C in the windows quite yet.

We bought creeping flox phlox* but didn't actually plant it yet.

We had dogs and burgers for dinner.

We found tons of money that had been hiding in the laundry room and master bedroom. (When I say tons I really just mean like $50, not $50k.)

My back hurts. Did I say that yet? No? Okay, well then I'll say it again: MY BACK HURTS. Who wants to rub it for me? I'll give you a SchruteBuck!

*I have this habit of spelling things with an f instead of a ph. Wonder why. ;)

SJP stole my affection!

As Barenaked Ladies said, and as many said before them, "it's all been doooooooooone before."

A few days ago I found out that Sarah Jessica Parker has a clothing line called Bitten.

I call the kittos Bitten. Granted, I call them Allie/Al/Mickey, Ripley/Rips/Ripple-A/Ripple-B/Ripple-C/Mitten/Mitty, and Georgia/Georgie/George/Mini but they all get called Bitten when they need extra TLC. It's a contraction of Bitty Kitten, not of "I like to bite my kitties, yummy yummy to my tummy".

Well I had that name first so I'm keeping it. I do so love SJP in Girls Just Want To Have Fun so I guess I should be honored. Such a good movie...

Gobs and gobs of peeeeeeee

Georgie went pee for me this morning! And it wasn't a little speck, it was a bunch of pee! Yay!


I think it was Aunt B's good vibes and Uncle Avi's demands ("Go pee, Georgie!") that did the trick.

And not to make you give fake compliments, but isn't she gorgeous? Her fur is actually blue in person. Such a beautiful girl... I wish I was home so I could kiss that nose!!!

Congratulations may or may not be in order?

I found this over at Rhys's blog:

I find this hysterical.

Get your own card at

That is all.

When I fall in love chocolate it will be 4evah

Fancy Food hot cocoa cupcakes, anyone? A, you are truly an amazing food artist.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Uhhhhhhhhhhhmmm - AI ******SPOILER******

American Idol went long tonight. I think they coulda scrapped a Beatles tribute song or seven in order to announce the winner on time.

If your DVR or VCR (hehehe) didn't record the end and you want to know who won keeeeep on reading. You know I can't tuck my posts so. Stop reading if you don't wanna know...

Elevator muzak.

After 74 million votes...

Moooore elevator muzak.

...the winner is:

okay, dude, it's 10:04pm, ANNOUNCE ALREADY.


winner: Jordin Sparks

BJ? She said BJ! Heeeeee. :) This was totally the right choice. Nice job, America. Blake, go make my album!

Veronica Mars left me hanging...

I promise the only spoiler is if you click that link below.

When you are ready to do so please go visit GMMR to read my feelings summed up for me.

There needs to be a reunion show... or, how about a reunion season? Or five? Yup, that sounds good.

And I'm going to go cry now... *sniffle*

"Forgive me, Big Daddy, for I have sinned" : A Confessioner's Tale

Yah, yah, so I'm confessing something. I don't feel guilty about it, I just wanna tell you something quirky about me and I have to confess in order to do so.

Today I've eaten leftover tofu teriyaki, deep fried steak fries, and leftover mashed potatoes with beef gravy. Problem is, it's only 5:40pm and there's that meal called dinner left to have but I don't want to go nuts and eat a big meal so instead I'm having one of those Starbucks mocha frappuccinos to which I added an entire coffee scoop of fresh Verona coffee grounds because eating coffee curbs my appetite. What also helps is plenty of ice water to fill my tummy, so a gigantic glass of ice water is sitting next to the coffee, 3/4 consumed.

I worked from home today because I woke up feeling ass-like so rather than take the day off I decided to plant myself on the couch and tell people what to do remotely. :) The problem with working from home and not having Hay around is that I always do at least one "yay, my parents aren't home!" activity. I won't go into all the ways I choose to act out but let me just say that it's silly because Hay could really give a care about pretty much any of these activities in which I choose to indulge. And yet I do them anyway. :) The thrill of the naughtiness, I think. I do so enjoy my secrets...

Pretend I sound like Amy Poehler reading the week's top stories...

...when I say, "the Federal Drug Administration has approved a new birth control pill called Lybrel that may put an end to a woman's monthly period all together. Side effects of this pill include unexpected spotting for up to 5 days at a time. When asked what they thought of this new pill an entire nation of women yelled in unison, 'THAT'S A PERIOD, YOU FUCKING MORON.'"

Okay, and I simplify the article of course, but I'm not taking this pill. I'd rather have symptoms that my body is about to replenish my uterine lining than have unexpected spotting and bleed all over my favorite panties. Is anyone not in agreement about this?

You know you wanna be me.

Or, talk to me. Or something. Last night's conversation with the wonderfully talented on-semi-summer-hiatus Molly:

Molly: guess what?
Molly: i might not have to leave my job :D
Poppy: ???????
Molly: I have cold-heartedly stabbed one of my co-workers in the back
Molly: :)
Molly: she deserved it, though
Poppy: woooohooo
Poppy: the one who gets paid a ton but does nothing??
Molly: yes!
Molly: i got put in charge of her new checklist
Poppy: yay!!!!
Poppy: :D
Molly: and my boss told me that if she can't get everything done that's on her list every day
Molly: then she's going to get cut to part-time
Molly: and that means...
Molly: more money for me!
Poppy: woooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo
Molly: yayayayaayayayayay
Molly: I like ceeeeeeeeereal!
Poppy: I like CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!!
Molly: hahahahaha
Poppy: I am so happy for you!!!!!
Molly: thanks :)

And for those of you who don't get the potatoes, cereal, chocolate milk thing please go visit Molly and brush up on your Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. And then congratulate her on being truly diabolical. :D

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You wanna know what I did when I got home, dontcha?

Wow, I've never spelled out "dontcha" before. It looks mildly perverse.

Anyway, when I got home I FOLDED ALL THE LAUNDRY THAT HAS BEEN SITTING ON THE MASTER BED FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. AND, I picked up 30 dryer sheets from off the floor. AND, I cleaned up my office. AND, I made pie.

Okay, I didn't make pie, I made fried tofu with Poppy's special teriyaki sauce. But it was kinda like pie, only inside out. And I made it from scratch.

But, FOCUS PEOPLE, I actually did some cleaning in my own house! Good thing my parents come from Tennessee to visit once a year or else my house would never be clean because we never invite anyone over. Except for on July 4th when we always have a party. And that time we had the porch party. And the time we had a Halloween party. And that time we had our friend's wife over when our friend was out of town and I cooked her fajitas. And that time we had game night. And the few times my dad has been over. And that one time that my sister came over and out of the blue my brother ALSO came over (and he has never done that before or since) and it was all very awkward because my brother didn't know I was speaking with my sister. And that time we watched 007: Casino Royale (1967) and 007: On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). And that one time when the pretty lady came to determine how much our house was worth so we could stop paying PMI. But, to be fair, we've lived here five years so that's really not that many times we had to clean the house. ... Yup.

And for your Bruce Campbell / Duran Duran mashup viewing pleasure, an Old Spice commercial:

Ai, mami

Jordin needs to win. Even THOUGH SHE PULLED OUT THE TEARS. FAkE CrYER!!!

And Blake needs to go do his own album so I can BUY IT. :)

Paula, you are high.

Seriously good makeup artist, seriously high Paula Abdul. I'd probably do the same thing if my nose were chipped by my chi-hua-hua.

Breakfast burger!

Yes, that's a fried egg on top of the beef. Will Work for Food chronicled the interesting McDonald's menu options of other countries.

The only things I ever eat at McDonald's are the chicken nuggets, the fries, and the sundae. I prefer BK and Wendy's for hamburgers but if McD's wants to start selling me garbanzo burgers (or falafel, whatever they wanna do to my chickpeas) then I'm all over that.

Pointy fingers

I have no one to blame but myself that Hay woke me up at precisely 4:00am to tell me that my pager was going off, that I couldn't find said pager even though it was in my laptop case because I have it set to chirp once every 3 minutes until acknowledged, and that I couldn't get back to sleep until an hour later.

I also have no one to blame but myself that once I did finally fall back to sleep I had the very disturbing dream of my supervisor catching me having alone time with myself. (Yes, what you think I mean is what I mean.) I think I dreamed this because I missed a meeting yesterday morning when I was taking Georgie to the vet's to drop her off but ended up having an exam appointment and taking her back home. I have absolutely no conscious or subconscious interest in showing my bits to my supervisor, for the record.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh my.

Very funny and very disturbing at the very same time. Donald Sutherland and peat moss. Genius!


I'm hungry. Anybody got any food you'll share with me?

Just another memic Monday III

21. Name 3 things you did today:
Well, I just woke up so I'm going for: Brushed my teeth, showered, and got dressed.

22. Last item you bought yourself?
More manna. No, a cookie. Nooo, I guess it was Canadian popcorn which, of course, tastes better than American popcorn.

23. Do you have an ornament hanging from your rear-view mirror?
If a parking permit tag can be considered an ornament, then yes. Otherwise, I whole-heartedly object to dangly objects on my rear-view mirror.

24. What did you have for breakfast?
I don't eat before 11:00am unless someone offers me something cheesy.

25. Who has the most tattoos?
Avi's nana. (Totally NSFW, of course.)

26. Name the last 3 bands you've seen live:
David Byrne (with Juana Molina)
Lindsey Buckingham
They Might Be Giants

27. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
Eight or nine, depending how late bloggers keep me up at night in IM. :P

28. Have you ever been tied up?
Wow. I'm not sure how that is any of your business, meme, but yes I have been.

29. What do you wish you were doing right now?
I find it best not to lead the meme on by telling it my deepest thoughts.

30. Who's the first person in your phone list on your cell?
The phone list is alphabetical so Avi is first by his actual first name. (Adam means "the first man" so obviously he's first in the phone list too. Is anyone surprised?) Directly underneath him is B. Hay is in there somewhere too, but his real name is alphabetically inferior to my best blog friends (including Sour who is listed by her real first name in its cutesy form and Mel who is listed as Mel, duh). Sorry, Hay. :-/

Sunday, May 20, 2007

unicorns to leprechauns

From The Schrute Buck via Office Tally.

And in case you have no flipping idea what I'm talking about (Joe, RW, the rest of yous), then I present you the season finale dialog:

Dwight: Don’t you want to earn Schrute bucks?

Stanley: No. In fact, I’ll give you a billion Stanley nickels if you never talk to me again.

Dwight: What’s the ratio of Stanley nickels to Schrute bucks?

Stanley: Same as the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.

Saturday Special

If you don't like words you can go look at the photos instead.

Molly, you will be disappointed. My digital camera sucks so bad at taking videos that I couldn't do the thing we were gonna do. Very sorry. Hay says if I'm good he'll get me a new camera for Christmas. Buncha shit, I don't wait that long for anything, so I'll be looking into a new camera shortly. :P

Let us recall that two years ago I documented my adventures with Hay au Vieux Montréal here and here. We actually go every year, but apparently I didn't document last year's adventure. Yesterday Hay and I travelled again with his employer to Canada for the same end goal -- to see Cirque du Soleil: Kooza.

I would just like to say before I chronicle the day that if you need help in picking a Cirque show to see then let me help you out by saying that Kooza is that show. More on that later.

Hay and I showed up to his work to pick up our tickets, our bagged lunch (roast beef wrap, pasta salad, chips, cookie), and our Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I only took a picture of the ice cream refuse:


There were so many of us going up that we had to take three coach "buses" to get there. It was an uneventful trip up. I started texting Sour right before we got to the border, letting her know what I was about to go do. Because, you know, she lives in Canada. :) When we got to the border no border patrol bothered to get on the bus and we continued on to Montreal.

When we got there we all got off our buses and Hay and I walked along the water to the science museum, but it was so very, very busy that we decided not to stick around so we walked around in the sun instead and took a look at the Tugboat Daniel McAllister:


After that we headed into Vieuw Montréal and hung out at a statue of Jean Drapeau, the former mayor of the city. Here's me having my head crushed by Monsieur Drapeau:


After having my head smooshed it was time to go to the show. Hay and I bought popcorn and soda then headed into the show to sit in row D, as in 6 rows back from the stage (first two rows are for very special guests, so I guess those are AA and BB?). I respected the request that no photos or video be taken, so I'll show you official photos from the Kooza site. The acts that truly awed me were the three girls doing contortion, the tightrope walkers, the wheel of death, the chair walker, and the teeterboarders. You can read about all the acts at the Kooza site but I'm going to focus on tightrope walkers and wheel of death.

The tightrope walkers were walking on two ropes, one above the other. One of the tightrope walkers fell. He caught the rope with his armpit and lifted himself back up on the rope then went on to redo the trick. FUCK, MAN. He deserves a medal for that shit.

The guy on top is the one who fell off the rope when he jumped OVER the head of one of the guys on a bike to land on his feet on the tightrope. He did land on his feet but he was leaning back when he landed so over he went. Scary. Scary, scary, scary to think you're about to watch someone die and there's nothing you can do about it.

After tightrope walkers was an intermission during which I texted Sour and B that there were lunatics at the circus. Sour texted me something smartassish back and Hay laughed because I think he agrees with her that I, too, am a lunatic. (Thanks to both of you for your support. :P ) Little did I know the lunacy that would present itself to me after the intermission.

The wheel of death? Hay and I had to stop looking. We both put our heads down when one runner was inside his wheel while the other was OUTSIDE THE WHEEL and tripping constantly, flying around on the OUTSIDE OF THE FUCKING WHEEL AND ALMOST DYING EVERY SECOND OF IT.

I don't know how anyone was able to keep looking because that was REAL LIFE, we didn't know if those people were going to DIE, there were NO SAFETY NETS, and this show is NEW so I almost upchucked my popcorn in my lap. Incredible. Standing ovation, loudest applause, fucking deserved.

After the show was over we met up with a group of two couples and the wife of one of Hay's co-workers to find a bite to eat. Dinner was at l'Usine de Spaghetti whose picture I took two years ago and will use here now:


There is no wait list and they don't accept reservations. You just wait in line and they take you in as they have space for you. There were seven of us so it took about 40 minutes to seat us, but I will quote the really rude woman in my party who actually said this to our server: "It was worth the wait." There's a difference between telling your blog friends and family this information versus telling the woman who is balls to the wall busy serving your fucking American asses as fast as she possibly can. You know? STFU is the look that was on my face when she said that to our server. But, she's right. Food was amazing. And the beer wasn't bad either:

DSC04639.JPG DSC04671.JPG

Back to the food: I had the spaghetti with l'Usine's meat sauce. Very tasty, and the portions are not American-sized so I was actually able to eat everything on my plate! That never ever happens in the States. Our portions are too big for my tummy.

After not having gone to the bathroom since 10:00am I finally decided I just might have to go so I went down the stairs of the restaurant to the bathroom with a bit of a blaring headache that I knew wasn't from the beer. Allow me to say that Poppy's red hair plus lobster sunburn is not a cute look. Both Hay and I got sunburns from walking along le fleuve Saint-Laurent.

After Hay paid the bill we went to the bus and I caught some beautiful nighttime shots:

DSC04657.JPG DSC04667.JPG

And then we went home. A border patrol agent did visit us on the way back in but he might as well not have because all he did was take a quick glance at the passports of the two Canadian passengers on the bus and that was that. Hay and I came home, took care of the kittos, and went to sleep until 10am this morning because we were exhausted.

I think I deserve the award for abrupt endings and that you'll enjoy the full 88-photo set over at flickr. :)

A Sunday minus its garden party

No Sunday Garden Party this week. I have the photos, just not the time to choose them, edit them, and upload them. Super duper double set next weekend, assuming I can sneak time away from the teenagers parents invading my home starting Saturday.

A post about yesterday is written, just waiting for all the photos to upload to flickr so I can link the few I reference in the post. :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

So not right.

If anyone would like to see something so totally inappropriate that it's horrifying then please email me (see my profile, remove the dashes). If you are Avi then I sent you the links already. If you are Mr. Fab then you don't need me to send you the links because I'm pretty sure you took photos of "it" (at least with your mind) when "it" was at your house. :P

Please note that if you send me an email while I am au Canada I won't send you the links until Sunday. Désolée.

In case you missed it

If you didn't see how things concluded with Jim and Pam in last night's season finale then you need to go here and watch.

The gold thing is the yogurt top from the Office Olympics episode, in case you are confused by that. Which means you haven't ever been paying attention and need to rewatch all episodes. :P

Georgie update

This photo is from August 2005, when Georgie was a year old. I found it today when trying to remember for Gecko if Georgie is two or three. She will be three this summer.

Georgie still is not better. Her UTI might or might not have cleared up but she might have stones or crystals in one or both kidneys and she isn't really eating right now and alert cried a bunch this morning to get me to go to the basement to see that she had really bad diarrhea. An emergency visit to the vet's resulted in a new antibiotic and I/D food instead of S/D food. I cried this morning and hugged her tight. I really am a mommy to my kitties so I have mommy emotions when they're sick. This morning the vet who cared for Georgie is the vet who put down Little Kitty in 2005 when she wasn't well enough to keep going. I was freaking on the inside because it brought back that memory for me and I didn't want her to put down Georgie too. Ugh. So irrational, but I couldn't help myself.

Things you need to know

So, I am REALLY backed up on getting things done in life because I'm going to Canada tomorrow, then my parents are coming next weekend, then the weekend after that I'm going to a wedding shower for my cousin as well as a wedding for a co-worker, then the weekend after that Hay and I are doing a walk for our local humane society, and somewhere in there I need to plant gardens and read my A+ certification book (I don't have that cert, but need it for further security certs), and read my Robert Parker and zombies books, and get my tickets for MD and TX, and still do my Sunday Garden Parties and a few vlog projects, and have time to blog and chat and work and play with kitties and Hay, and drive my fantabulous new car, and practice my telepathy with B, and fight crime, and eat cheese, cake, pie, and steak, and just être... ya know?

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Yup, so, Jam. :)

And that Ryan? Crafty!!!!

large and in charge

A kitten, a Husky, a death wish. With 1:10 left on the clock the video is adorable.

A lot of crying this week.

Okay, granted, I haven't shed one actual tear but I (oh, wait, I did last night when I watched the recap episode of Work Out because they did a tribute to Doug), but anyway, back on topic:

VERONICA MARS WAS JUST CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Je suis sad. Triste even. Avi gets me hooked on the smack and now the smack has been taken from me.

Cake. Chocolate. Cake.

You Are a Chocolate Cake

Fun, comforting, and friendly.
You are a true classic, and while you're not super cutting edge, you're high quality.
People love your company - and have even been known to get addicted to you.

What Kind of Cake Are You?

I once had someone addicted to me, so I guess that's true. Thanks, B! We're cake twins!

Sons of bitches in handbaskets of pie

I'm on this pie kick lately, so my newest profanity is titled above.

Did you know that on this past Monday stamps went up to 41 cents? Which means that whatever urgent bill it was I sent out on Monday is going to be returned to me. I have no recollection of which one it was. Will have to see when it comes back to me...

! (as in not) bad news: Jordin and Blake are going to make a FANTASTIC, perhaps BEST EVER American Idol finale. I am so PSYCHED! 11 weeks ago I could not imagine how Idol was going to keep me hooked on this show because the season was so awful, and now my dreams have come true. I get to watch a 17 year old Jennifer Beals face off against a beatboxer! Bring on the 80s, my friend! I hope there are mashups made of Jordin and Blake...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oh no!

Jenna Fischer fell down some stairs and fractured her back in four places!!! So awful! Best wishes for a super speedy recovery.

Ugh, back injuries suck so hard...

Prince Harry will not go to Iraq

Even though he's not smart enough to be happy about it, I am. Found this over at MollyGood, of all places:

Prince Harry will not be sent for military duty in Iraq because of the excessive risks this would cause for him and his comrades, the head of the army said today.

“I have decided that Prince Harry will not deploy as a troop leader with his squadron,” General Sir Richard Dannatt told reporters.

Sir Richard said he had travelled to Iraq in the past week and learned of “a number of specific threats - some reported and some not reported - which relate directly to Prince Harry as an individual”.

He continued: “These threats expose not only him, but also those around him, to a degree of risk that I now deem unacceptable.

“Now that I have decided that he will not be deploying with his troop, the risks faced by his battle group are no different to those faced by any other battle group or other of our servicemen in Iraq.” (Source)

I stopped reading CNN daily because it depresses me and I don't particularly enjoy being depressed. Simple as that. So I guess I'll have to accept getting my world news from a celeblog.

Very glad my bad feeling won't be allowed to come true.

Putting on a little show

I imagine it's super distracting to the people driving their cars when a hot redhead stands in the rain waiting for the crosswalk signal to say "go, girl" and eats chocolate creme pie as if it were the best thing she has ever tasted then when the crosswalk signals in her favor she slowly licks the creme off the fork then saunters across the street with a satisfied smile on her face. ...? Yup. Good pie, good pie.

"So much to say, so much to say, so much to say, so much to saaaay"

After new hair, new glasses, and new car there isn't much exciting stuff to tell you all. Sorry. I'll throw you mundane stuff and you'll just have to like it.

The most interesting thing of note is that brown is now (as in yes, it is) a good color on me. Ya know, because of the hair change. If that doesn't inspire you to leave anthology-length comments I don't know what will.

Because it is raining the equivalent of 3 feet of snow here today Hay and I finally have the opportunity to see Spider-Man 3 at the movie theater tonight! I'm quite excited! Even if I hate the movie I love movie theater popcorn with lots of "butter" and movie theater fountain soda.

I am writing a review of The Last King of Scotland because the company who is promoting the DVD release (which happened in April) approached me and asked me to do so. I have the review swirling around in my head at bedtime and then when I wake up I do that thing where I pretend I don't remember anything I swirled around in my head the night before and then I can't write the review. I'm going to do bullet points so that I can flesh them out. That will work better. Expect a review of the film here sometime soon. I might watch it again to get the bullets to come out more crisply. And now I'm talking nonsense.

The lady who helped me pick out my glasses was named "Guerda". I didn't know how to pronounce it so I said "Gwhere-duh". It's not that, it's "Grrrrduh". She was the tiniest-waisted adult I have ever met, aside from the African woman I met at the fair who spoke French with me. So adorable. And despite me saying I had no idea what frames I wanted to look at she was very helpful. I hope my $750 $817.31* worth of glasses gets her a good commission (or however that works out in glasses land).

I'm really hungry today. I think it's because I ate so much at dinner last night. Whenever I eat a big dinner I am voracious the next day. Like my body just wants to pig out indefinitely after one big meal. Cruel.

Okay, abrupt ending, that's it. Go on with your day. :) Happy (oh, I get it now) hump day!

*I randomly found the receipt. I thought you'd appreciate honesty in how much glasses actually cost for me. That's for two pairs, though. Still, it's because I'm fucking BLIND.

No hookering!!!!!!!

Blake Lewis sings Roxanne.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Blake Lewis singing Roxanne. I just imploded. Simon, I don't agree.


I am off to eat steak. No pie. Just steak. WHEEEEEEEE!

Edit: As Mike points out, it's only fair that I elaborate about steak if I made him elaborate about potato salad. So, I am explaining that I had the Sioux City Strip, which Longhorn explains is: "Our 11 oz. USDA Choice Strip topped with sautéed balsamic onions in a Red Diamond Merlot and herb-shallot butter glaze." I ate half, but ate the whole baked potato (with skin, yum) and the side salad with blue cheese dressing. And yes Tug, I ate some for you. :)

TC s3 6/6



At iTunes. Go buy it. You know you wanna. TMBG rawks. Flans is hawt. I like pie. Have a nice day.

PS - Contrecoup. That's all I need to say.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Not a Princeton man*

Dear Blogosphere,

Despite the fact that NYC Watchdog mentions quite frequently that orange is the new black / pink, he doesn't actually like orange all that much and would like you to stop sending him orange objects as gifties. That is all.


(No, I never sent Dawg anything orange. Or anything at all for that matter. But if I ever did it would not be orange. It would be puppy. :D )

*Princeton loves orange. Is that common knowledge? Yah, it is. To me anyway.

Just another memic Monday II

11. Want to have kids before you're 30?
Since I'm past 30 and only have furry kids let's just say yes to furry kids.

12. A memory from high school:
I scored the winning touchdown! Oh, wait, my school didn't have football. How about the memory of trees?

13. Ever had a crush on one of your friend's parents?
Yes, but honestly I crush on a lot of people so it was fleeting.

14. Naughtiest thing you've done at work?
No comment. :)

15. Do you look more like your mom, or your dad?
It's pretty much a 50/50 thing. If you saw me with my mom you'd say, "wow, you look just like your mom!" and if you saw me with my dad you'd say, "wow, you look just like your dad!" I am more than 100% certain they are my real parents.

16. Something you've always wanted to learn how to do:
How to be independently wealthy without doing anything to obtain or maintain it.

17. Still friends with your exes?
Some of them. Others I am mortal enemies with.

18. Where you'd like to be in 10 years:
I already answered this here. I still consider it to be accurate.

19. Something you learned about yourself this year:
I like pie.

20. What do you want for your birthday?
Hot monkey sex. A new bike. The end of all wars, present and future. A hug.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Crying. Hard.

I just watched the intro to the May 10 episode of Letterman and learned that oral sex causes throat cancer.

From New Scientist:
People who have had more than five oral-sex partners in their lifetime are 250% more likely to have throat cancer than those who do not have oral sex, a new study suggests.

The researchers believe this is because oral sex may transmit human papillomavirus (HPV), the virus implicated in the majority of cervical cancers.

The new findings should encourage people to consistently use condoms during oral sex as this could protect against HPV, the team says. Other experts say that the results provide more reason for men to receive the new HPV vaccine.

I guess I know how I'm dying now, at least. Although my life line is quite long.

A public apology

Oh Sour, please don't be
mad at meeeeeee!
Dear SourPuss,

I am so very sorry that I sent you a text message at 9:15am my time on a SATURDAY which is EFFING EARLY your time and woke you up which then caused the chain reaction of you needing to pee, check blogs, and write recap-apalooza. I was so excited to tell someone that I was on my way to get my hair done and you were the person I wanted to tell. I apologize that I think you're so awesome that I need to tell you exactly what I'm doing every moment of my weekend. My bad, my bad.

And I'm soooooo sorry that I just resent that text message by mistake when checking the time I sent the first one. At least it's a decent hour today? :D

Lots of kisses on your forehead to make the sleepy pain go away,

"Feed me, Seymour!"

Today's SGP teaser is a parrot tulip that had not opened yet:


Rest of the 70 photo set is over at flickr.

"How do you spell cat?" "F-o-x"

Sour's glasses.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Too tired to think of something smart to put here.

A lot of good stuff happened today. I am exhausted. I will vlog it, but probably not until tomorrow. You're having fun with your weekend anyway, you don't need me to entertain you. And if that's not true in your case then might I suggest looking down and reminiscing. I am off to ... I dunno, take a nap, take a shower, something. I'll be back around for SGP tomorrow. :)

Hugs and kisses,

'V for Vendetta' is my middle name

Last week Tuesday I sent a package filled with snack foods and my favorite movie to Avi who had recently admitted he had always wanted to see the movie but never had. I had no intention of ever mentioning said package here because I send people stuff and I don't feel any need to publicly mention my random acts of "kindness". Avi thanked me in the proper way that thank yous are given (a phone call, people, minds outta the gutter), I told him he was welcome and that was that. Until last week Thursday when I mentioned the movie in IM and he totally insulted me, then again this Friday when he said he still hadn't watched it yet. Those two IM sessions, for your reading pleasure:

May 3 conversation:
Poppy: All those Rotten Tomatoes people are wrong. April Fool's Day is AWESOME.
Poppy: :)
Avi: hahahhaa
Avi: yeah, my friends rolled their eyes when i told them what i got
Poppy: I don't like your friends.
Avi: hehehe
Poppy: :)
Poppy: Did you watch it?
Avi: not yet
Avi: probably not until the weekend if i can
Poppy: If you don't like it that's fine, but I love that campy 80s horror shit.
Poppy: and that's exactly what it is.
Poppy: How can you roll your eyes at that?
Avi: well, they're horror fans
Poppy: you=one
Poppy: So am I, but I know how to compartmentalize.
Avi: :)

May 11 conversation:
Avi: so, you don't like action oriented shows like 24, but horrors are okay?
Poppy: I love horrors!
Poppy: if you don't know that about me then you were never paying attention.
Avi: i know that
Avi: it's just confusing
Poppy: adam, I am complicated
Poppy: not confusing
Poppy: complicated
Avi: hehe
Poppy: 24 is too realistic
Poppy: horror movies are most ridiculous
Avi: i'd say something like hostel or turistas is much more realistic than 24
Poppy: as is evidenced by april fool's day which you gave to jigsaw to chew on because your friends told you it sucks
Poppy: turistas is silly
Poppy: I saw hostel it was just retarded
Avi: yeah, but the violence part of it is realistic
Avi: 24 is a cartoon
Poppy: oh whatever.
Avi: i still have April Fool's Day right here
Avi: haven't watched it yet
Avi: but I will

I really had thought that my video from earlier today was going to be my last one with the same hair and same glasses that I have this very moment, but nooooooo. Avi had to incense me by telling me he still hadn't watched the movie I sent him (from the heart) so I couldn't wait, needed to call him out on it, and boy did I ever:

Did I forget to warn you that I swear a lot in that? Oh. I swear a lot in that. :)

This post has been 100% pre-approved by Avi. Sorry everyone, no actual shit stirring going on here. But if you want to pretend I am you go right ahead!

Friday, May 11, 2007

'The Job'

I know it's an entire week early, but here is the preview for next week's finale of The Office which only contains spoilers if you didn't see this week's episode and will make Molly happy happy happy because the Pam stuff is in there:

This episode starts at 8:00pm, so adjust your TVs accordingly.

Edit: NBC made their video private for whatever stupid reason. So I'm not sure what the point is of keeping this post up. Oh well. Other than Blogger is about to go down for maintenance so I don't have a choice if I click Publish. :)

Update: That video is working again so watch it. :)

You know you wanna

You wanna click here. You may need to crank your sound.

gizm(o) doesn't like the bright lights, buck(o)

Hi, how are ya?

I feel like shit today, like I'm hung over. I'm not hung over. Or if I am it's not from something I ingested.

I know I'm the one who turned on the lights in my office but I really wish someone would turn them back off.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Office mostly not moving to hour-long format

Remember when I told you there were rumors of The Office moving from a 30-minute format to an hour format next season? Welllllllllll, even today there were rumors flying around because Kristin Veitch from E! Online kinda made us think it would be the case, but the truth is that four episodes out of 24 will be an hour long next season. That's why they're called rumors. :)

The original rumor announcement from Kristin has been preserved by Office Tally and, again, is not true:
Original story:

E!’s Kristin Veitch reports that the possibility of The Office becoming a one-hour show this fall is stronger than ever:

I’ve just heard from multiple insiders that it’s looking very likely that NBC will double the amount of The Office we’ll get next season. I’m told it’s looking like each episode will expand to be an hourlong; however, if that plan falls through for some reason, I’m hearing that, at the very least, NBC wants to pick up something like 37 episodes of the show in its current half-hour format.

Poppy is annoyed.

Warning: If there ever were a TMI disclaimer to be handed out, this would be the post that deserved it. You have been warned. Have a great day!

Today after a vendor meeting my former officemate walked with me from our meeting back to his former office (still my office) to hint-hint about his wife being hormonal lately.

KEEP IN MIND THAT this is the former officemate who:

1. Is my partner in crime, so we are TIGHT, at least at work. (Not outside of work. Nope. No. Compartmentalized relationship. Thank you.) He is one of my most favoritest work friends and I am one of his because I give him candy.
2. Is hot as all hell so I died a little the day he told me he was marrying his wife.

I was shocked when he told me his wife is pregnant, and he could definitely tell. I didn't know what to say, even asked him if it was his baby (yup), asked him if he was sure she was pregnant (yup). I eeked out a "congratulations" after he finished telling me about his super hawt unprotected sexcapades but I assure you if he never mentions him and his wife having sex, protected or not, again it will STILL BE TOO SOON. No more talking about sex with Poppy!!!!!!! (I just mean that he can't talk about his sex life with me. If you wanna talk about your sex life with me and you are at least 21 years of age I'll gladly grab a fountain soda and a bowl of buttered popcorn and be right over!)

Another one bites the dust.

Gifts accepted

Cheese, pie, chocolate, and alcohol are all acceptable presents in return for me giving you Hot Chicks with Douchebags.

Thanks, City! I will walk Buddy whenever you want me to! :D


So, like a while ago, Shelby hit on Tug (the dog, not my girl Tug) and Shelby turned around and Tug got busy and then Shelby got preggers and NOW THE PUPPIES ARE HERE!!!!!@!@!~~!!@!@@!@!!!@@!#!@#!@!!!~~~~1

Shelby top, Tug bottom

I am so excited. Is that not obvious? Okay, so IM session with The Mollster is posted here with an old date because I can't put things "below the fold" with this blog and it's a supah dupah long convo but totally worth your time. :D


I've lost my muse.

I don't know who my muse was but she left the building.

I've started and stopped several posts this week alone. I know it looks like I'm posting a lot still, but there's no Poppy Passion behind them.

So. Maybe move along to:

1. NYC Watchdog's Rice Krispies Cereal Wednesday
2. ACW's May Baltimore blogger event
3. Avi's dinner vlog
4. SkeeterB "quits" his job
5. Crys! goes to Iowa with her husband and screams the entire way there
6. Heather does some blunk drogging on the road with her mom and Nabby
7. SourPuss shows you the cutest puppy picture on the planet

There are other awesome posts but 7 is a good, solid number.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Taking too long!!!!"

Has anyone else played the card game "Mao"? I used to play it all the time with my friends in my late teens and early 20s. I think back on it fondly because I was the perfect dictator. I always busted everyone for all their offenses, particularly reveling in my cruelty when I got to yell "taking too long!" (I'm secretly very mean. :) And 中國人 。)


Allie has perfectly captured my sentiments of this day while Ripley remains carefree of the world's troubles:

(I assure you, Allie is not thinking of lunching on Ripley. Allie fears Ripley, she would never try to eat her.)

I could use a hug today

I'm very much looking forward to going home so that I can collect some hugs from Hay. No talking. Just hugs. Need to replenish.

I think I've been drinking too much caffeine lately which has resulted in several roller coaster days in a row. They're self inflicted, and I'm drinking more caffeine as I write this, because I'm smaht like that.

I understand that I could hug myself, but it's just not the same. I also understand that I could ask a co-worker to hug me, but that is sooooooooo not gonna be the same and then I get sued for sexual harassment. :)

"Back off!"

angry spider with fly on azalea - defensive stance

Like a Yosemite Sam mud flap...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

AI live blogging?

Oh, sure. Why not?

Barry Gibb... Two songs per contestant.

1. Melinda Doolittle - Inside and Out. Blech. Rushing the song, and I agree with Simon that it was a background vocalist performance.

2. Blake Lewis - You Should Be Dancing. Beatboxing is not working for this song, at all. Weird how the wrong song choice can make my favorite performer not be my favorite. It was bad. Agree with Randy and Simon.

3. LaKisha Jones - Stayin' Alive. Good song choice, good makeup, bad outfit, and she kept messing with her hair. But this is the first week I've liked LaKisha at all in a very long time. So, nice job. :) Very good job playing around the melody. Disagree with Randy and Simon.

4. Jordin Sparks - To Love Somebody. What the hell is she wearing? Hot Mama hair and makeup, and she's beautiful. Slow start to the song but started getting very good toward the end. I really can't believe she's only 17.

5. Melinda - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. Slooooooow song to start with and I just didn't enjoy her version until her crescendo. I also didn't like her stomping around and showing her teeth. Her last note was off. Gotta hit those and leave us with a good taste in our mouths...

6. Blake - This Is Where. I've never heard this song or heard of it so I don't know what to compare it to. It sounds like he tried to Duran Duran it and it didn't quite work. Blake!? Why?! You couldn't have waited two more weeks to screw up?! I'm curious if Dan agrees that Blake is the one going home...

7. LaKisha - Run To Me. I hate the color of her dress but like the cut, hate the song choice but liked her vocals. Hmm. Blew the last note (sounds like she's losing her voice).

8. Jordin - Woman In Love. Gorgeous dress, love the song choice (a favorite Bee Gees song of mine), and I love that she is just standing at the mike rather than walking around with it. Soft, tender, and staring right at us while she sings. Agreed with Randy that it was a little pitchy, but I don't agree with anything else the judges said. Winner.

Is LaK going home tomorrow so we can have a guy in the running, or will it be a ladies top three? Hmmmmmmm....

If Jordin isn't the next American Idol then America got it wrong.

Update: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I just visited the AI site and found out that PARIS BENNETT'S DEBUT ALBUM CAME OUT TODAY! [ iTunes | Target ]

Update 2: If you'd like to ruin the results for yourself, click here. :)

I might be pouting. Just a little.

We're looking for a second vehicle to replace my car. Hay wants to get a minivan despite our plans for childrens being on indefinite hold. I want a Vue. Or a Grand Cherokee. Or a Suburban. Or a BIG TRUCK. NOT a minivan. *pout* Let's just tattoo "soccer mom" on my forehead now. (No disrespect to the soccer moms, but I am not one. And can't be. And won't be.)

Someone at Apple doesn't know when work starts back up

According to Apple:

I'm guessing they meant 9/03, especially since the feed is wrong but the referring page is right. I'm also guessing the hand-picked artists totally suck and that one free song plus a mystery 10-song sampler isn't enough of a draw for people to choose TicketMaster. Am I wrong? Yah, no.

And, isn't it too nice to be at work today?!? It's sunny and 76 79 81 degrees here in Poppyland. Hay and I are IMing about leaving early, although we probably won't. :) But we will be grilling for dinner! Mmmmmm, grilled chops. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm..............

Food porn: Cake edition

Found this on Slashfood yesterday which links to various flickr photos of game cakes.

I asked Hay for the Galaga cake for my birthday. When he said "that took some work" I countered with "I'm worth it!" and "at least I didn't ask for this one." :) I may have swayed him. Then again, probably not. B? I'm seeing you for my birthday, will you make me the Galaga cake? Pretty please?!?!?