Saturday, April 28, 2007

Magical words

Today's magical words are: "I hafta pee!" I have locked Georgie in my walk-in closet with water, super frou-frou Fancy Feast medley of white meat chicken and whipped egg soufflé with garden greens (yah, that's really fancy), and a litter box lined with clear plastic wrap. Her objective: To pee in the litter box before 2:00pm today so that I can bring the sample to the vet and they can tell me if Georgie is actually better or still has a UTI. This task is complicated by two things:

1. Georgie is not fond of the plastic wrap, it makes her feeties feel funny.
2. Hay and I must attend a birthday party that is approximately 45 minutes away which starts at 11:00am.

Time is not on my side.

Update: Short version is that Hay scared Georgie (totally by mistake, but to our benefit) and she peed in the box. I took the sample to the vet and the verdict is that she needs 2 weeks more medication. :( They're upping her steroid. She's going to be The Hulk when she's done with this thing! I misunderstood what Hay told me. The vet actually eliminated the steroid and now Georgie will only take an antibiotic and a muscle relaxer. Such a champ! She's being all cute on the couch next to me. She says hi to everyone. :)

I remind you all that there is a contest in effect. You should enter. It's fun. If you don't enter then I think you don't like me. If your obstacles are that you think you don't know me well enough or that you don't want to win a prize then my magical words to you are: Don't worry about it. The quiz is impossibly difficult in a very fun way, so please try it. And if you don't want me knowing where you live I'll gladly send you an electronic gift if you win. :) So, do the quiz! Go! Get!

Direct link to the quiz: clickie

Direct link to explanation of the contest: clickie some more

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Avitable said...

It is impossibly difficult, but it is also very fun! Enter!