Thursday, April 26, 2007

50 more things - the contest!!!!!!!!!

I know, today's Thursday, not Monday but I'm ready already! I even have descriptions explaining why each of the 50 things is true or false. I finished my homework ahead of schedule, might as well hand it in. Also, I wasn't counting on Monday being special (thanks to B for the heads up) and I'm going to try my hardest to honor that.

You still have until 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time on Friday, May 4 (atomic time) to enter the contest.

So that I didn't try to be clever and mistakenly give away hints I used the sort feature in Microsoft Word to sort the 50 more things alphabetically. The order of the items will not give any hints.

Click here to fill out the form. The point is to only checkmark the 20 items you believe are false about me, and therefore not checkmark the 30 things you think are true about me. Please only select 20 because I have to DQ people who just select everything and therefore get all 20 right the cheater way. This is like The Price Is Right - bid the closest without going over. Please also be sure to give me your valid email address so that you are eligible for the prize. Good luck, everyone! And let the delurking begin!

For those scratching their heads: "Contest? What contest?"


Avitable said...

Those were tough! I think I did horribly.

Avitable said...

Oh yeah, and the day of silence thing seems ludicrous. For 32 people dying?

So many people are exaggerating the tragedy it's recockulous.

Mel said...

I'm delurking. It's been a crazy week...

And I'll tackle the challenge later tonight when I get home from work. YAY!!

Oh yeah, and Avi is SO on my shit list... nice way of honoring the victims there, man.

Better believe I'll be participating in Monday's silence.


Avitable said...

Mel, while I don't want to be on your shit list, I can't help it.

My feelings about 9/11 pretty much sum up my feelings on this tragedy, too.

Avitable said...


Here's the link. Read only if you want to get angrier at me.

Poppy Cede said...

Avi - Don't be so hard on yourself. And I think you secretly enjoy being on people's shit lists.

Mel - I'm very much looking forward to your answers. :) And as I said in email I will do my best to not blog on Monday but come Tuesday there will be about a billions saved up posts that I hit Publish on.

Molly said...

Well, this is going to make me unpopular but I agree with Avi. There are too many unrecognized atrocities going on worldwide on any given day to get caught up in the media sensationalism of 1 incident. Besides, what good is silence going to do? Wouldn't dialogue be a better means of propagating change?

And before everyone starts hating me...I totally empathize with the families of the victims. I just don't see the point of a day of silence.

Mel said...

To everyone: I respect everyone's feelings about this terrible tragedy. I appreciate the fact that we all have our own opinions, and I can understand how some feel that this tragedy has been a bit exaggerated. Just, please be respectful. Some people are still hurting badly.

I'm choosing to express my mourning by being silent on Monday. I won't judge someone if they decide to do otherwise.

So, please don't judge me in return.