Wednesday, May 10, 2000


Molly: so...uh....puppies are here
Poppy: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
Poppy: WHAT!!!!!
Poppy: WHAT!!!!!!
Poppy: DID YOU TAKE A VIDEO?!?!?!??!?!?!??!
Poppy: VIDEO!!!!!!
Molly: lol
Molly: OMG
Poppy: OMGBBQ!~!~!~
Molly: i couldn't
Molly: things got kinda crazy
Molly: so shelby was acting kinda wierd last night
Molly: so I put a couple of towels in one of my laundry baskets
Molly: next to my bed
Molly: and I got woke up at 4AM this morning
Molly: cuz she was crying
Molly: and then I realized she was birthin' a baby
Molly: and when it came out she looked at me like...
Molly: what the hell am i supposed to do with that?
Poppy: hehehe
Molly: so then i had to break the sac
Molly: and i got her cleaning it
Molly: and she really went gung ho with the cleaning
Molly: she wouldn't let the thing alone
Poppy: awwwww
Molly: and then
Molly: she stood up
Molly: and she started pushing again
Molly: and then she jumped really high
Molly: and a baby fell out
Poppy: hehehehehe
Molly: and she ran under my bed
Poppy: sorry, that's funny
Molly: and wouldn't come out!
Poppy: awwwww
Molly: it was hysterical
Poppy: poor shelby!
Poppy: were there only two pups?
Molly: uh....5
Poppy: I actually have no idea how many puppies a dog has
Poppy: WOAH
Molly: yah
Poppy: did they all survive so far?
Molly: i was expecting maybe 3
Molly: yep
Poppy: WOW!
Molly: they're all doing good
Molly: lol
Molly: I will definitely put some puppy hijinx video up in a few weeks
Molly: but at 4AM ...
Poppy: AWEsome
Molly: with all of the craziness
Molly: there was no way
Poppy: YAH, how about a little common courtesy!
Poppy: hehehehe
Poppy: how about 4pm next time.
Poppy: :D
Molly: that is right
Molly: no next time
Molly: so my sister and i were talking
Molly: because these puppies are really a lot bigger than i expected
Molly: and some of their coloring is wierd
Molly: and only 1 of them looks anything like tuggy
Molly: i think this dog was pregnant when i got her
Poppy: really?!?!
Molly: yah
Poppy: oh, poor girl
Molly: cuz she really shouldn't have had them for a few days at the earliest
Poppy: so Tug only did a little bit of seeding
Molly: yes
Molly: i'm kinda wondering who she was pregnant from though
Poppy: eeeeeeeenteresting
Molly: like what kinda dogs
Molly: these will be
Molly: oh well
Molly: free puppies!
Poppy: you'll find out?
Poppy: well, someone will find out
Poppy: Your dogs will eat my cats
Poppy: "Hi, how are ya? *CHOMP*"
Molly: your cats are probably bigger than my dogs
Molly: my cat is bigger
Poppy: your dogs will get as big as my cats
Poppy: and then eat them
Molly: lol
Molly: i am so freaking tired!
Molly: i have been up since 4 am
Molly: and shelby is smelly
Molly: she let me change the towels 1 time
Molly: but that was it
Molly: and they are stinky
Molly: she won't let me move the puppies now
Molly: so i'm thinking....newspaper
Molly: my dad is trying to find a box for me
Molly: cuz they can't stay in the laundry basket much longer
Poppy: wow.
Poppy: wow.
Poppy: car-azy.
Molly: :)
Molly: i'm gonna be kinda upset if none of these dogs are curly-haired poodles
Poppy: is that called a terripoo?
Molly: jackapoo
Poppy: jackapoo!