Thursday, April 26, 2007

Avi strikes again

Captain America Arrested Sporting Burrito Down His Tights

A doctor dressed as Captain America was arrested in Florida after groping a woman at a bar while sporting a burrito down his tights, authorities have said.

The culprit was identified after all Captain America's were asked line up for an indetity parade outside the restaurant for a identification.

The Incident happened when 54-year-old Dr. Raymond Adamcik was on on a bar-crawl with a number of other costume-wearing doctors. Police claim Adamcik tried to flush marijuana down a toilet at a police station following his arrest.

Although Avi claims not to be the perpetrator there are just a few too similarities to his real life here: He lives in Florida. His name is Adam. He reads and distributes comic books. He eats burritos. He wears tights. He has a doctorate. He could pass for 54 if a really young cop arrested him. :P

Thanks to Hay for passing on the story. You rock!


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Oops, and I promised to put this in a comment and didn't:

Only if an 18-year-old cop arrested you. You look young to me, but in tights with a burrito down your pants you could pass for Ron Jeremy, who's an old man. :P