Saturday, May 12, 2007

'V for Vendetta' is my middle name

Last week Tuesday I sent a package filled with snack foods and my favorite movie to Avi who had recently admitted he had always wanted to see the movie but never had. I had no intention of ever mentioning said package here because I send people stuff and I don't feel any need to publicly mention my random acts of "kindness". Avi thanked me in the proper way that thank yous are given (a phone call, people, minds outta the gutter), I told him he was welcome and that was that. Until last week Thursday when I mentioned the movie in IM and he totally insulted me, then again this Friday when he said he still hadn't watched it yet. Those two IM sessions, for your reading pleasure:

May 3 conversation:
Poppy: All those Rotten Tomatoes people are wrong. April Fool's Day is AWESOME.
Poppy: :)
Avi: hahahhaa
Avi: yeah, my friends rolled their eyes when i told them what i got
Poppy: I don't like your friends.
Avi: hehehe
Poppy: :)
Poppy: Did you watch it?
Avi: not yet
Avi: probably not until the weekend if i can
Poppy: If you don't like it that's fine, but I love that campy 80s horror shit.
Poppy: and that's exactly what it is.
Poppy: How can you roll your eyes at that?
Avi: well, they're horror fans
Poppy: you=one
Poppy: So am I, but I know how to compartmentalize.
Avi: :)

May 11 conversation:
Avi: so, you don't like action oriented shows like 24, but horrors are okay?
Poppy: I love horrors!
Poppy: if you don't know that about me then you were never paying attention.
Avi: i know that
Avi: it's just confusing
Poppy: adam, I am complicated
Poppy: not confusing
Poppy: complicated
Avi: hehe
Poppy: 24 is too realistic
Poppy: horror movies are most ridiculous
Avi: i'd say something like hostel or turistas is much more realistic than 24
Poppy: as is evidenced by april fool's day which you gave to jigsaw to chew on because your friends told you it sucks
Poppy: turistas is silly
Poppy: I saw hostel it was just retarded
Avi: yeah, but the violence part of it is realistic
Avi: 24 is a cartoon
Poppy: oh whatever.
Avi: i still have April Fool's Day right here
Avi: haven't watched it yet
Avi: but I will

I really had thought that my video from earlier today was going to be my last one with the same hair and same glasses that I have this very moment, but nooooooo. Avi had to incense me by telling me he still hadn't watched the movie I sent him (from the heart) so I couldn't wait, needed to call him out on it, and boy did I ever:

Did I forget to warn you that I swear a lot in that? Oh. I swear a lot in that. :)

This post has been 100% pre-approved by Avi. Sorry everyone, no actual shit stirring going on here. But if you want to pretend I am you go right ahead!


Avitable said...

You're so mean! Makes me cry.

Miss Britt said...

he he hehehehehe

too funny, and spunky, and, dare i say, "feisty"


Molly said...

Dear Avi,

Please don't watch the movie. I want more videos of Poppy swearing.



Tracy Lynn said...

Yeah, you tell him, that unappreciative gorilla bastard.

Dragon said...

You tell him! Gee I hope I never get you mad at me. :) BTW I love your hair.

Spéncèr said...

Mad Poppy is amusing. :D This sort of distantly reminds me of those Foamy the Squirrel movies but on a less intense level.

Can't wait to see the new hair & glasses! I get new contacts / glasses soon, too!

Avitable said...

She's awfully cute when she swears, isn't she, Molly?

Poppy Cede said...

Avi - Does it hurt you that I enjoy making you cry? I don't mean to hurt. Well, maybe a little.

Britt - This is why I had to make the hair red, so that being "feisty" was expected.

Molly and Avi - I fucking love to swear, but stop fucking talking about behind my back or I'll kick your fucking asses! (Yah, just kidding.)

Tracy - Can you believe even after that he *still* hasn't watched the movie? (Yup, me too.) I'm going to have to fly to FL and put the damn DVD into his DVD player for him.

Dragon - Me actually being mad is a lot scarier than what you see in this video. :D And thank you about the hair. Too bad it totally doesn't look like that anymore.

Spénce - I have no idea who Foamy the Squirrel is. Anything like Ren of Ren and Stimpy?