Thursday, May 10, 2007

I've lost my muse.

I don't know who my muse was but she left the building.

I've started and stopped several posts this week alone. I know it looks like I'm posting a lot still, but there's no Poppy Passion behind them.

So. Maybe move along to:

1. NYC Watchdog's Rice Krispies Cereal Wednesday
2. ACW's May Baltimore blogger event
3. Avi's dinner vlog
4. SkeeterB "quits" his job
5. Crys! goes to Iowa with her husband and screams the entire way there
6. Heather does some blunk drogging on the road with her mom and Nabby
7. SourPuss shows you the cutest puppy picture on the planet

There are other awesome posts but 7 is a good, solid number.


Avitable said...

You've lost your muse? How about posts about food and TV and cat stories? I'm sure there's something you can do.

Molly said...

hey, maybe we have the same muse. 'cuz I've been feeling like that for about 2 weeks...

Mel said...

It's a sad day when my boyfriend, the noob, makes the list and I do not :P

I kid, I kid.

Obviously, I've lost my muse too. I can only write about sex and porn so much, ya know?

Poppy Cede said...

Avi - I can post those things, I'm just not "feelin' it".

Molly - Yah, where'd she go? Probably hanging out with some other blogger because they pay better. Whore! Maybe we should recruit her for the brothel. Unless we're going man-whores only for that.

Mel - I hear ya. Although, we'll gladly take more details about your bedroom romps! Or your favorite porn video of the day, which might get you in less trouble. :P

Crys said...

wait, "screaming"? is that really the right word? because i think there are other words, in fact, there are SO many other words, i can think of oh, four right now. like, for example, "regaling", "bedazzling", "angelic stylings"---that's four words and they are SO much better than "screaming".

i have written this down and i will REMEMBER IT.

Poppy Cede said...

Crys, does it help that I've watched that video 15 times now and it's totally (almost) my favorite, surpassing (almost) any video (almost) any other blogger has ever done?

And what happens when you write something down? What's the next step? Am I "in big trouble, 'Mister'"?