Friday, May 04, 2007

Florida ensures that another Bush is not elected (by mistake, at least)

Computer World has the full article, but here's a snippet:

In a major shift on e-voting that could ripple to other states, the Florida Legislature today voted to replace nearly all of the state's touch-screen voting systems with optical scan devices.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who initially offered up the bill mandating a change in e-voting systems earlier this year, applauded the Florida Legislature for acting after the state House approved the measure. It had already been OK'd by the state Senate.

The law mandates the replacement of touch-screen systems with optical scan devices and also moves up the date of Florida's presidential primary to the last Tuesday in January. In 2008, that would be Jan. 29.

Touch-screen systems have come under criticism for being unreliable, easily hacked and lacking the transparency voters need to trust that their votes are actually being counted. To address those concerns, Crist offered a bill that would replace the systems in 17 Florida counties with optical scan devices, which require filling out a paper ballot that can later be used for canvassing or recount.

When asked about this exciting news Poppy replied, "no comment."

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