Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"So much to say, so much to say, so much to say, so much to saaaay"

After new hair, new glasses, and new car there isn't much exciting stuff to tell you all. Sorry. I'll throw you mundane stuff and you'll just have to like it.

The most interesting thing of note is that brown is now (as in yes, it is) a good color on me. Ya know, because of the hair change. If that doesn't inspire you to leave anthology-length comments I don't know what will.

Because it is raining the equivalent of 3 feet of snow here today Hay and I finally have the opportunity to see Spider-Man 3 at the movie theater tonight! I'm quite excited! Even if I hate the movie I love movie theater popcorn with lots of "butter" and movie theater fountain soda.

I am writing a review of The Last King of Scotland because the company who is promoting the DVD release (which happened in April) approached me and asked me to do so. I have the review swirling around in my head at bedtime and then when I wake up I do that thing where I pretend I don't remember anything I swirled around in my head the night before and then I can't write the review. I'm going to do bullet points so that I can flesh them out. That will work better. Expect a review of the film here sometime soon. I might watch it again to get the bullets to come out more crisply. And now I'm talking nonsense.

The lady who helped me pick out my glasses was named "Guerda". I didn't know how to pronounce it so I said "Gwhere-duh". It's not that, it's "Grrrrduh". She was the tiniest-waisted adult I have ever met, aside from the African woman I met at the fair who spoke French with me. So adorable. And despite me saying I had no idea what frames I wanted to look at she was very helpful. I hope my $750 $817.31* worth of glasses gets her a good commission (or however that works out in glasses land).

I'm really hungry today. I think it's because I ate so much at dinner last night. Whenever I eat a big dinner I am voracious the next day. Like my body just wants to pig out indefinitely after one big meal. Cruel.

Okay, abrupt ending, that's it. Go on with your day. :) Happy (oh, I get it now) hump day!

*I randomly found the receipt. I thought you'd appreciate honesty in how much glasses actually cost for me. That's for two pairs, though. Still, it's because I'm fucking BLIND.


RW said...

That non-bullet bullet list has my eyes rolling.


My retinas...

Tug said...

Since I can't sit through a movie without falling asleep, I just stop by, get the buttered popcorn & take it to go. nummers.

stefanie said...

Yikes. Your glasses cost more than mine do! (I think I paid $500-something last time, which was in October.)

Did I miss the pic of your new hair? (Or have you not posted one?) Also, what car did you end up getting?? (Inquiring minds want to know!)

Poppy Cede said...

RW - I aim to make you as blind as I am. :)

Tug - Is it because all movies bore you or the darkness is so comfy-cozy?

Stef - Yes, expensive. I vlogged the answers to your questions on Sunday.

Avitable said...

$800? And you were surprised that we spent $1500!

Poppy Cede said...

As I already screamed in IM, Amy only got one pair of (ahem, FENDI) glasses and it was her frames that cost so GD much. I'm getting two, and it's all the special stuff I have to get done to the glasses to make them usable that make mine cost so freaking much. The frames are $150 and $80. The rest of the cost is purely in the making-Poppy-not-blind part.

Spéncer said...

I, too, am rather blind - near-sided at that.

Poppy Cede said...

I am near-sighted, but even if I want to read books I can only hold them at most maybe 10 inches away before it becomes a bit too difficult to focus on the words. I prefer myopia to hyperopia anyday, though.