Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dragging ass with klass

Today I am sporting my LURKER t-shirt underneath my Williamsburg t-shirt. Talk about a mixed message. And a klass akt. Who decided to promote me to the senior level of my position? I'm such a bum... I even have holes in my socks (but not a beard, and my pinkie toe is cuter :P ).

Update: Mel requested a photo since I got to see her cleavage today (woohooo!) so I'm giving you a Photo Booth photo, which means it's the mirror image, with a Glow effect:

Yah, Poppy! Take it all off!

Hmm. I just catcalled myself. Heh. What can I say, I'm a sexy minx!


Mel said...

Um, photographic evidence? I posted mine... :P

Mel said...

You? Totally kick ass, my dear. Nothing but class! Unlike me, who flashes her cleavage to the whole of the interweb! :P

Avitable said...

Yes, you are!

Poppy Cede said...

Mel - I have made it so. And yours is gorgeous.

Mel again - I am just selective about who I flash my unclothed cleavage at. :D But my clothed cleavage? You can get that 24/7 at Dawg's blog whenever I drop a comment. :batting eyelashes:

Avi - *blush* Thanks. I would return the compliment but I'm not sure what the masculine version of "sexy minx" is. Does "hot stud" work for you?

jenny said...

You gotta love a job where you get to wear not one- but two t-shirts.

At my ideal job I'd get to wear flannel pajamas!

Tug said...

go Poppy, go Poppy, GO POPPY GO!! Damn, I'm having a hard time were poopy for a sec there. ;-)

I wear jeans & t-shirts every day, & I think it says 'Manager' on my business cards. heh. the ONE perk of my job.

Nice rack!!

Spéncer said...

HA, you can't see this comment. XD