Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Commenting is a good thing.

So that Crys will continue to grace me with her presence I have changed how comments work on my blog. There is no longer an intermediary screen between clicking on comments and actually getting to post a comment. Please inform me via e m a l i :) if it's broken. Works for me.


Update: I just realized I broke my comments via feed reader. Working on it. Sorry. For now just click the link of the post and then click on comments. S.I.G.H.


chlorinejenny said...

how did you do this oh, great technical one?

Poppy Cede said...

Magic, smoke, and mirrors.

Okay, just smoke and mirrors.

Okay, okay! I replaced the comments section from my blog with the comments section from a default blogger template blog (one of my other blogs). I'll email it to you.

Spéncer said...

Ooh, they work for me :) !

Kristen said...

Yeah, I thought you blocked me or something.

So here are my leftover comments from before when I couldn't figure it out and now it's 220am and I'm not going back:

- Wow, he was right there at the end of the video! That was him!

- That cake is awesome, but Mario's left hand is on backwards.

- My mom reads my blog. I should have thought about that before I bought my stupid domain name which didn't really change my life at all anyway. I do have an ultra-private blog that I use to bitch about my MIL, though.

Joefish said...

I don't see how it's different. :-/

Crys said...

yay! a thing of beauty! it works! it works for mommy! i am mommy, in case you were wondering!

Avitable said...

This is definitely much better.

anonymouscoworker said...

My, how expeditious of you.

Poppy Cede said...

Spénce - What is the exact feed reader link you're using for my comments? Because it's not working for anyone else who is subscribed to my comments, as far as I can tell.

K - Sorry about that. I'm not sure I'm going to fix it. Yay, JT. :) I had the same reaction to Mario's left hand so I then moved my hand around and realized it's just sitting at the wrong angle in comparison to the arm. I thought of you when posting about my MIL.

Joe - Good.

Crys - Yay, mommy!

Avi - I'm glad. I think. We'll see if we can actually get the feed to read properly...

ACW - I try.

Joefish said...

You're having problems with your feed? Why did you never ask? You need to add a few lines of code to your template for autodiscovery to work properly. E-mail me about it, yeah?