Sunday, May 13, 2007

A public apology

Oh Sour, please don't be
mad at meeeeeee!
Dear SourPuss,

I am so very sorry that I sent you a text message at 9:15am my time on a SATURDAY which is EFFING EARLY your time and woke you up which then caused the chain reaction of you needing to pee, check blogs, and write recap-apalooza. I was so excited to tell someone that I was on my way to get my hair done and you were the person I wanted to tell. I apologize that I think you're so awesome that I need to tell you exactly what I'm doing every moment of my weekend. My bad, my bad.

And I'm soooooo sorry that I just resent that text message by mistake when checking the time I sent the first one. At least it's a decent hour today? :D

Lots of kisses on your forehead to make the sleepy pain go away,


Spéncèr said...

I'm liking Sour's glasses a lot. :) It makes me anxious for my own eye appointment at the end of the month; I get mew contacts and glasses this year :) !

sourpuss said...

Young lady! You know darn well that there was no need for this public apology... But I like that it that it makes me sound way harsh, like I forced you to do it. Mwah!

Spence, those are my old glasses but I still like 'em so I'm keeping them around as spares. Be sure to post pics of your new ones when you get them!

Poppy Cede said...

Spénce - Viel Glueck!

SP - "Young lady," ha! You funny. Like you're soooooooo old. You are not harsh, you are stern. :D