Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Will The Office be an hour long next season?

GMMR posted about this yesterday but because I was blog silencing I couldn't post it. And I forgot about it. And luckily I leave all my tabs open indefinitely and therefore have about 50 tabs open all the freaking time so I wandered back over to it and voila. Anyway, here's the link. I hope it's true because a half hour of The Office is soooooo not enough. Unless your name is Molly and you hate the show because of the Jam/Jaren jerk-around. But my name is not Molly. So I am happy. If it is true. Period. The End. Period again.


Mel said...

YAY for a hour Office!!! I SO hope this rumor is true. Cause 30 more minutes of John Krasinski would make my world a million times better.

Kristen said...

The Office is turning into a soap opera (but one that's 100 times better than the best daytime soap), so it deserves to be an hour long.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Now everyone'll be whispering behind their computer screens..."hey...isn't that that blogger-girl who doesn't like The Office? GET HER!!!!" and next thing you know I'll be lying in a pool of my own blood having been stabbed to death with chewed up pencils and used staples.

Plus, I *do* like The Office. I'm just pouting.