Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I might be pouting. Just a little.

We're looking for a second vehicle to replace my car. Hay wants to get a minivan despite our plans for childrens being on indefinite hold. I want a Vue. Or a Grand Cherokee. Or a Suburban. Or a BIG TRUCK. NOT a minivan. *pout* Let's just tattoo "soccer mom" on my forehead now. (No disrespect to the soccer moms, but I am not one. And can't be. And won't be.)


Avitable said...

Minivans are a bad idea. They roll easier, don't have as much safety in crashes, don't drive as well in snow, and make you look retarded.

Use Consumer Reports and come up with a car that will last a long time and be a good car for your area, like a Navigator.

bdogg_mcgee said...

My half-sister has a Vue and LOVES it!

Get what YOU want, or get the minivan and let Hay drive it and you drive the Honda!

Miss Britt said...

I can't imagine why he'd be pushing the mini-van if you don't NEED to. You can get better gas mileage, blah blah blah from something else.

Maybe he's into soccer moms. ;-)

stefanie said...

Minivan?? With no kids? Are you often hauling things? If not... WHY?

(Um, that's "Why" a minivan, not "why aren't you hauling things? You know... in case that wasn't clear.)

LushlyMe said...

My seven years captaining the Barney-mobile sucked my soul... Don't do it!

Spéncèr said...

Ewwww minivan. You should get one of those cute little hatchback cars, especially being in the mountains. :)

Tug said...

My daughter swore to HELL she'd never own a mini van...& drives one now. BECAUSE SHE HAS 2 KIDS. THAT'S IT. Otherwise? HELL NO. I have a PT Cruiser, & laughed (ok, not really) at people in snowbanks this winter in Hell. I did drive by them....just fine thankyouverymuch. AND, I haul wood in it, 2 nephews, grandkids...plenty of room.

Kristen said...

Maybe he's trying to tell you he's pregnant.

Mel said...

Please, OH PLEASE don't get a minivan. PLEASE.

Even if you were planning on having kids, there are SO many other options to go with other than a minivan.

Those things... they are the devil, I tell you.

My advice? You need to pout harder. And stop cooking. And withhold sex.

Hay's going to hate me now, isn't he?

Paticus said...

We have a VUE and I love it. though for full disclosure, we do also have twin 20 month old girls, so it is a "useful" car as well.

Poppy Cede said...

Avi - Maybe we should get a short bus to replace my car.

B - Yes, a Vue would be nice...

Britt - I have no doubt he likes soccer moms, but it's more about the hauling and gas mileage. So maybe gas mileage will tip the scale here.

Stef - Yes, we quite frequently haul stuff. Hay does a lot of house projects that require lumber and other quite large or long objects.


Spénce - A hatchback car? Yah... no. We need something big.

Tug - We can't get a PT Cruiser because of the lady who made fun of Heather Mills having one. :P

K - He's not pregnant. He promises.

Mel - I showed him this post. I have a feeling he'll be the one withholding food and sex from me.

Paticus - So I can have a Vue and babies. Perfect! Ya know, just in case we have some...

sourpuss said...

My vote is for a pick-up, but I'm biased. They're great for throwing in lumber or other large or oddly shaped object. I still, to this day, miss my truck like crazy & wish I could get another.

If you want more than a 2-seater vehicle, you can get them with king cabs.

If you really want an SUV, I'm partial to the Tahoe or Trailblazer (I like Chevy). I also like the Dodge Nitro or the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Another less SUV-ish option would be the Subaru Outback.