Thursday, May 24, 2007


The lawn is mowed.

The house is clean.

We are moving into the master bedroom tonight.

It's hot as hell in the house because we don't have any A/C in the windows quite yet.

We bought creeping flox phlox* but didn't actually plant it yet.

We had dogs and burgers for dinner.

We found tons of money that had been hiding in the laundry room and master bedroom. (When I say tons I really just mean like $50, not $50k.)

My back hurts. Did I say that yet? No? Okay, well then I'll say it again: MY BACK HURTS. Who wants to rub it for me? I'll give you a SchruteBuck!

*I have this habit of spelling things with an f instead of a ph. Wonder why. ;)


Tug said...

DAMN. The most I've ever found was an old plane ticket in a coat pocket.

That just made me want to SPEND money to travel again.........

Dan said...

Fifty bucks shaking the couch cushions? Not bad. That buys a few nice bottles of wine to drink on what should be a fantastic summer-like evening.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I would LOVE a SchruteBuck!

Poppy Cede said...

Tug - I really want to tease you right now. :)

Dan - An excellent point.

Mr Fab - After that postcard you sent me I think I'll give you 50 SchruteBucks to not rub my back. :P And a few Stanley nickels. And one unicorn. And five leprechauns.

Avitable said...

Sounds like you're all set for your mom to come.

Poppy Cede said...

Avi - Did you mean that in a dirty way? Dirty boy!

Avitable said...

No way EW!

Poppy Cede said...

Okay, then yes, I am all set for my mom to come! We even had a good night's sleep in the master bedroom. And then this morning I remembered why I hate it in there so much -- BRIGHT LIGHT, BRIGHT LIGHT!!!! (I am such a Gizmo.)

Spéncer said...
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Spéncer said...

Hmm, we lived in Florida for years without air conditioning. People up north are always bitching about a fricken' 80° day and how "hot" it is. HA!

Wow, you're making history moving back in into the master bedroom! :)

(Had to retype due to typo!)