Thursday, May 10, 2007

Poppy is annoyed.

Warning: If there ever were a TMI disclaimer to be handed out, this would be the post that deserved it. You have been warned. Have a great day!

Today after a vendor meeting my former officemate walked with me from our meeting back to his former office (still my office) to hint-hint about his wife being hormonal lately.

KEEP IN MIND THAT this is the former officemate who:

1. Is my partner in crime, so we are TIGHT, at least at work. (Not outside of work. Nope. No. Compartmentalized relationship. Thank you.) He is one of my most favoritest work friends and I am one of his because I give him candy.
2. Is hot as all hell so I died a little the day he told me he was marrying his wife.

I was shocked when he told me his wife is pregnant, and he could definitely tell. I didn't know what to say, even asked him if it was his baby (yup), asked him if he was sure she was pregnant (yup). I eeked out a "congratulations" after he finished telling me about his super hawt unprotected sexcapades but I assure you if he never mentions him and his wife having sex, protected or not, again it will STILL BE TOO SOON. No more talking about sex with Poppy!!!!!!! (I just mean that he can't talk about his sex life with me. If you wanna talk about your sex life with me and you are at least 21 years of age I'll gladly grab a fountain soda and a bowl of buttered popcorn and be right over!)

Another one bites the dust.


Bearette24 said...

Never a dull moment with you, Poppy :)

Avitable said...

21 and over? What about those prepubescent teens who might need to talk to Poppy about sex and the birds and the bees?

Dan said...

Yeah, that's pretty annoying. It's one of those crossing-the-line moments.

Poppy Cede said...

Bearette - I know, how did I get this life? Oh, right, I chose it.

Avi - I am not a sex doctor. I'm sure there are predatory men disguising themselves as women who would love to hear about your future daughter's sex romps.

Dan - I am traumatized.

Kristen said...

Oooh, usually when we resign ourselves to the Friend Zone it's bearable, but moments like this one make me want to set things on fire. Yeah.