Friday, May 25, 2007

I want a cookie but instead I get Brangelina

I would like a sugar cookie and might have to go scout for one soon, but in the meantime I am full up from Brad and Angie kissing, even though I can't actually see anything.

Found that photo over at I'm Not Obsessed but Vera didn't give her source. Weird that celebloggers don't give sourcers. Also weird? A lot of celebloggers link to my site as a fellow celeblogger site. Hi everyone, I'm the purest form of blogger -- random. I blame CityRag and MK for my celeblogger status. I would blame Kate at BritPoppa who now writes for The Bosh, but her site (BP which links to me, not TB which doesn't) is defunct. And perhaps I am linked to because I don't mind name dropping. Yup...

Update: I just totally inhaled one of those half-baked cookie dough ice cream and brownie Ben & Jerry's Peace Pops. YUMMMMMMMM. And I disagree with the assessment that it is only 78 degrees outside. It's at least 90.

Update 2: There is actually live (looping) video of the Brangelina kiss over at X17. It'd be hotter if they stopped looping it. But still pretty hot!


Tug said...

Now I want a cookie.


BJ said...

Happy Birthday to Brad & Angelina’s baby Shiloh yesterday! She had her birthday cake in Cannes. Here’s something fun about Shiloh… an astrology reading on video that predicts who her future husband will be and when she’ll get married.
I predict that the bad boyfriend at 18 will be Michael Joseph Consuelos (Kelly Ripa’s son), and that the good husband at age 28 will be Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (Michael Jackson’s son). I figure by that time Mike Jr. will have had enough therapy that he will make a good husband. Both of these guys are ten years older than Shiloh. (When you watch the video, this will make more sense.) What does everyone else think?