Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I am off to eat steak. No pie. Just steak. WHEEEEEEEE!

Edit: As Mike points out, it's only fair that I elaborate about steak if I made him elaborate about potato salad. So, I am explaining that I had the Sioux City Strip, which Longhorn explains is: "Our 11 oz. USDA Choice Strip topped with sautéed balsamic onions in a Red Diamond Merlot and herb-shallot butter glaze." I ate half, but ate the whole baked potato (with skin, yum) and the side salad with blue cheese dressing. And yes Tug, I ate some for you. :)


Tug said...


phew. Hope I wasn't too late.

LeSombre said...

Wow, and to think I felt obligated to add to my potato salad post. ;-)

Sorry about the deleted post, I had a typo in the comment. :-(

Poppy Cede said...

Tug - I always eat some for you, Hot Apple Pie.

Mike - I am editing the post just for you. And don't you worry, I removed the deleted post forever and ever.

Avitable said...

Boneless or bone-in?

I hate steaks that aren't boneless.

Poppy Cede said...


LeSombre said...

Great, now I want Steak­.