Sunday, May 13, 2007

Crying. Hard.

I just watched the intro to the May 10 episode of Letterman and learned that oral sex causes throat cancer.

From New Scientist:
People who have had more than five oral-sex partners in their lifetime are 250% more likely to have throat cancer than those who do not have oral sex, a new study suggests.

The researchers believe this is because oral sex may transmit human papillomavirus (HPV), the virus implicated in the majority of cervical cancers.

The new findings should encourage people to consistently use condoms during oral sex as this could protect against HPV, the team says. Other experts say that the results provide more reason for men to receive the new HPV vaccine.

I guess I know how I'm dying now, at least. Although my life line is quite long.


Greg said...

Smoking and oral sex? These scientists don't want us to have any fun, do they?

LushlyMe said...

Gotta die of something... might as well have fun doing it!

Spéncèr said...

I read that last week on Digg. :o Unfortunate to say the least.

RW said...

No no no - we need to invent a pill women have to take! Why do I have to wear a condom!?

Hell with THAT!

Poppy Cede said...

Greg - I dunno. This entire human existence experience has been ruined for me.

LM - An excellent point.

Spénce - The very least.

RW - You just made me laugh so hard I think I bruised a rib and sent all the kitties running for cover. Thank you. :)

Avitable said...

Next year they'll come out with one saying that it somehow prevents cancer.

Keep on sucking, girls!

Poppy Cede said...

Avi, good point. Keep on licking, boys!

Anonymous said...

What does it mean, then, that men are 300% more likely than women to contract throat cancer?

Two-five-oh sounds intimidating until you consider that the overall combined incident rate of throat and lung cancer is less than one-half of one percent. You are 33 times more likely to die in a highway accident. Yeah! Git down on it! Just not while driving.

Poppy Cede said...

Ohhhh, I'm not supposed to do this while driving? Oops. Hmm. Are you sure about that? Because it's really a lot of fun. I mean, if I've done that. Which, if a police officer asked me, I'd totally say I hadn't. ... And I might be fibbing. :D