Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Someone at Apple doesn't know when work starts back up

According to Apple:

I'm guessing they meant 9/03, especially since the feed is wrong but the referring page is right. I'm also guessing the hand-picked artists totally suck and that one free song plus a mystery 10-song sampler isn't enough of a draw for people to choose TicketMaster. Am I wrong? Yah, no.

And, isn't it too nice to be at work today?!? It's sunny and 76 79 81 degrees here in Poppyland. Hay and I are IMing about leaving early, although we probably won't. :) But we will be grilling for dinner! Mmmmmm, grilled chops. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm..............

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Spéncèr said...

It's not that warm living on the ocean. :( I can't wait until we have 80° weather. Hmph.

I so totally wanted to ditch school for lunch today and then go back but I decided that was a bad idea seeing as the cameras are working again.