Saturday, May 05, 2007

Living vicariously through others

Do you know what I am doing while Mel and SkeeterB are wishing I was there? I'm gardening. And picking up groceries for my dad. And trying not to give myself a lobotomy because I have to go play cards with my stepmom later. KILL. Me. NOW. *sigh*

This serves as the repository for Mel's drunk texting for today. All messages are SIC. Including when Mel writes gong. *grin* And, clearly, I'm an instigator.

2:02pm Mel: And it begins... First drink tequila sunrise :) oh yeah, and feel free to blog any of my stupid drunken texts!
2:56pm Poppy: I definitely will be :-D
3:38pm Mel: First shot... Oooh warm gong down! :)
4:01pm Poppy: 2 more for me :-D
4:37pm Mel: Im drunk!!!p)
4:41pm Poppy: Hehehe but are you naked? O:)
5:00pm Mel: I just had 2 shotsm. Not naked but wiwish i was :p!!!hhhhhh!
5:04pm Poppy: I am sooo imagining dirty things about you and [SkeeterB].
5:22pm SkeeterB: I don't know how i feel about that... But i sorta gives me a warm and fuzy in da pants
5:25pm Poppy: I was wondering when you would take over :)
5:23pm Mel: There are people here now... But im hoping for the dirty studff later! :)
5:35pm Poppy: Off a my dads - gah. More later, have fun!
5:36pm Mel: Wiwill do. We just saw you were bloggin about us... Well done!! ::))
7:17pm Poppy: GRIN
7:22pm Mel: I just s ebt a message to myslf. And [SkeeterB] is bloggin drunk. Life is good ::)
8:30pm Poppy: Oh MAN I wish I was home to read it!!! Soon...
9:16pm Mel: Oh fun party. Wish you where here! :)
9:24pm Poppy: Take pix!! Im home now, definitely wish i was there!!! ;-)

My poor dad kept wondering why my pocket was buzzing all night. (Ohhhh, that was fun to explain. :) "Work, dad. Work.")

Side note: Also today I received text messages from SourPuss who was having a Bacardi with her friend and from B who was at a wedding. I feel popular today. Thanks, everyone. :)


Spéncèr said...

Ooooh, I am VERY disappointed that I am not having a Cinco de Mayo party this year. I had to take SAT this morning and it lasted until freakin' 13:00 hours. GAH.

Poppy Cede said...

Next year I am either going to show up to someone else's party or have a party of my own. I didn't even know there were Cinco de Mayo parties before this year. How sad is that?

Spéncèr said...

That’s very depressing. It’s alright, though, because the US think that Cinco de Mayo is like Fourth of July when, in fact, Mexicans don’t really celebrate the holiday like we do here.

But that’s alright — any excuse for a party, right?

Poppy Cede said...

I'll take a party for any reason!!

Mel said...

Whoa, I'm slightly embarrased. Obviously, I can't spell when I'm drunk.

So, I'm back and partially recovered. Oyi. That was quite a hangover :P