Tuesday, March 13, 2007

caps ON part 2

Another day that RAWKED (so far). I don't normally talk about work at all so I am going against my better judgment because I want to share what a freakin' awesome morning I just had.

My supervisor asked me to work on a project with our local police because the station has a few Macs and they weren't able to do something they really needed to do. Today I went over and helped “make it happen”. Everyone there was SO NICE, even the detective that found me sitting in the officer's chair and stared at me while I very hurriedly explained who I was. Then, while I was on the phone with the station's regular IT staff the officer whose computer I was configuring came in and saw me sitting in her chair and had no idea who I was so I again hurriedly explained who I was. For law enforcement they sure are nice about strangers at their desk. :)

After I was done helping with the one thing that was actually asked of me I was asked to show the detectives how to use video editing and viewing software on the Mac so that they could analyze some recent crime footage. I was then asked (jokingly) if I could pick the criminals out of a line-up. Although the footage was super grainy, I think I actually could pick one of them out because the person was dumb enough to LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE VIDEO CAMERA, at which point I paused the video, shook my finger at the screen, and yelled, “BUSTED!” which made everyone laugh. Note to criminals: If you're going to commit a crime perhaps you'd like to cover your face or at least not look directly into the camera?

The IT staff member who provides PC support then gave me a tour of the station. Can I just say that I hope I never need to be put in the timeout room? It's scary in there...

I was not able to see the chief again today, although I did talk to him prior to showing up because I kinda needed permission to be in the offices in the back. So, at least I didn't have to act all awkward and say, “I love you, you're so hot, let's take a tour of the timeout room together” because I know that's what would have come out of my mouth instead of, “hi, thanks so much for working with me on this project.” Embarrassing moment averted. :)

Don't you wish you worked with me? You do. Trust me.


Avitable said...

That sounds fun. The only time I'm in a police station is when I'm picked up outside rest areas.

Poppy Cede said...

Trolling for boys? Sorry, that's the only reason I know of that people hang out around rest areas. :)

Avitable said...

Yes, that was my subtle joke.

sourpuss said...

Poppy said: "Note to criminals: If you're going to commit a crime perhaps you'd like to cover your face or at least not look directly into the camera?"

Sorry, criminals, Poppy got a little mixed up there... what she meant to say was "Excellent job showing your face to the cameras & showin' folks who's cool! Keep up the good work! You totally rock!"

(I personally love it that they show their faces... Once they wise up, they'll be harder to catch!)

Poppy Cede said...

Avi - I'm sorry I ruined the subtlety of your joke. I had no idea that boy trolling extended outside my hick state.

Sour - Good point. I try to help criminals when I can, but they're truly hopeless.