Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Sunday I went to the marina to help a colleague wash his boat. No euphemisms there, I really did wash a boat. Or at least I pretended to. :)

I was tired from the night before (when I woke up by mistake at 4:30am and felt awful) so I slept in until 9:00am, got showered and dressed, then headed out at 9:30am which was technically the time I was supposed to be at the marina to wash the boat. Oops. Instead of heading directly there I went to Starbucks and ordered two venti iced cafe mochas without whipped cream and went on my merry way. I took the back way to the marina, but at the very last long road there was a sign indicating that the bridge from "here" to "there" was out, so I had to backtrack several miles to the other back road and go down that instead.

When I finally did arrive to the marina an hour late there were only crappy jobs left. Let's face it, when the goal is to wash a boat there are only crappy jobs to be done, but because I was so late I was told to climb a 20 foot ladder, go into the cabin, grab a disintegrated sponge, and start wiping down wood surfaces. I'll just mention that disintegrated sponges cause more of a mess than actually clean anything, so I was silently crossing my fingers that I would get out of this job. And then Captain Jack arrived to ask, "is there anyone who wants to do a job on their stomach 20 feet in the air?" I quickly yelled, "I do, I do!" so off I went with Captain Jack.

Turns out the job he wanted me to do was to affix letters and numbers to the side of the boat, but there was scaffolding under the section where he wanted me to do this so he had me climb down the 20 ft ladder, climb up the 12 ft scaffolding and then do the letters. I'm kind of a lopsided person (life is at a tilt for me) so I stuck the letters and numbers on very crookedly, and showed off my stellar affixing job. Captain Jack loved it, said it looked like they were going over a wave. :)

While I was on the scaffolding I noticed three dogs, two of which were Captain Jack's, but one that I'd never seen before. I figured out how to get off the scaffolding without dying then met up with the doggies -- Annie, a Jack Russell Terrier; Max, a Yellow Lab; Oddball, a Black Lab. Annie and Max belong to Captain Jack but Oddball belonged to a random girl who was at the marina with her parents and was just looking for some new friends. For the rest of my time at the marina I basically dogsat, kidsat (as in kept the girl out of everyone else's way), and filled lots of buckets of water to pass to people who were actually cleaning the boat.

Okay, and after all those words, let's get to the photos and the videos, shall we?


Annie wags her tail

Annie takes the lead

Oddball and Max sniff around

Canadian geese honk (really audio only)



The entire O Captain My Captain photo set is over at flickr.

One last thing: Go do the contest. Correctly. Please. Thank you. :)


Avitable said...

Did they re-do the letters or leave them all crooked-like?

Poppy Cede said...

Left them crooked-like, of course!!! I'll send you a picture. It has too much identifying info for me to post it on flickr. :)

Molly said...

Doggies! That little one looks like my Shelby :)