Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I just won a Red Sox ticket lottery!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hay and I will be at Fenway on September 1 watching the Sox wipe the floor with Orioles jerseys. :) Can we say EXCITED?!?!?!??! EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I've been asked to promote The Last King of Scotland which I will tell you more about if/when I find out more. I won't be getting money for the promotion but I might be getting a free DVD. I hope this doesn't ruin your opinion of me, but I love my Forest Whitaker!!!!!!


anonymouscoworker said...

The Orioles will not lose. They will win, and then they will set the Red Sux on fire.

Poppy Cede said...

In your DREAMS, sucka!!!!!

Are you coming to the game?! It would be so hilarious to sit next to you and have you boo the sox while I boo your birds. :P

anonymouscoworker said...

Going all the way to Boston to deal with troglodytic Boston fans? No thanks.

Also, I really appreciated your honestly about the Red Sox sucking in your comment.

Poppy Cede said...

Get outta here ya flyin' rat! SHOO!

Hehehehe, oh that was so much fun to say!

If you come to Boston I'll come to an Orioles game, sit in the fan section, and boo all the players. :D

Tug said...

YAY FOR YOU - HAVE FUN!!!!! Balls, beer & tight butts, what could be wrong. ;-)