Tuesday, May 01, 2007

DeVito can now get "liqueured" up for free!

From Daily Dish:
Hollywood actor Danny DeVito has branched out into the beverage industry with his own lemon-flavored liqueur.

Danny DeVito's Premium Limoncello was unveiled Monday at the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Annual Convention in Orlando, Fla.

The 60-proof drink will sell for under $25 per bottle and is available from late summer.

Last fall, the 62-year-old made a strange appearance on the talk show "The View," saying he had been out late the night before with actor George Clooney.

He told the hosts, "I knew it was the last seven limoncellos that was going to get me."

Does Danny really need any more Limoncellos? Let's recall his last encounter:

Yah, no, no more lemon liqueur for little Danny.

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Molly said...

Danny DeVito's my hero. I wanna get liquored up and get snarky with Babwa on live TV :)