Wednesday, August 24, 2005

WHysteria and pace

Big project dropped.

Fuzzy, but decidedly stick-figurish

No comments allowed about the hangnail or lack of manicure
(we don't do those here :P )

Since I was feeling self-conscious when Hubby asked how I am supposed to remove the tat, I scratched my skin raw to remove it in the shower this morning.

Two more neat shots, à mon avis:




AnonymousCoworker said...

Baby oil might help get the tatt off.

Candace said...

Nail polish remover.

My kids get tats like that (removable, not peace) all the time from the grocery store.

Nail polish remover is the only thing that works for us.

Mel said...

If no nail polish in the house, rubbing alcohol works too!

P'nut said...

Is that what wisteria looks like? It's very pretty!

It's Me, Maven... said...

Baby oil or rubbing alcohol both should be able to remove the tatt... if you have a bottle of Goo Gone, that might work too:)