Thursday, August 11, 2005

Guess Who!

Lounging on the couch as per doctor's orders, and the only Netflix movie in the house at the moment is Guess Who with the brilliant comedic stylings of one Mr. Bernie Mac and the lesser funniness of one Ashton "Punkety punk punk'd" Kutcher. Not half bad, not half good, but not even comparable to the original in which one Sidney Poitier is the dinner guest, at the house of his lady Katharine Hepburn. I am re-watching the last few chapters of Guess Who because I missed the part that explains why Ashton quit his job in the first chapter. Bernie mumbles something about Ashton's boss telling him not to marry Bernie's daughter à cause de the color of her skin, but I want to see how that information was transferred to Mr. Mac. I adore Bernie, but am not a fan of Kutcher, so I can take a pass on this movie altogether if I get to repeat this life.

Last night Hubby and I watched Cursed, which is a werewolf movie. Totally cheesy, but anything with Christina Ricci is worth one viewing by the Poppy household. Prozac Nation was a much better film for Ms. Ricci (and not because we get to see her sit naked on her bed while Jessica Lange comes in with ciggy dangling from her lips and takes the carpet up off the floor so that Christina dahling can pack it up for Hahvahd). I love cheesy scary movies, B Horror being my absolute favorite. Anybody with me on that?


Jürgen Nation said...

Heyyy...when did Prozac Nation come out, and can you help me move this rock I've been living under?

AnonymousCoworker said...

B horror is definitely the way to go. It got laughs AND scares. I've watched way too many of them.

Lemme know if you want any recommendations along the lines of Cannibal! (The Musical), Jesus Christ- Vampire Hunter, or Barn of the Blood Llamas.

Poppy Cede said...

JN - Consider the rock removed. I'm very strong for my friends. :) I think it just came out recently, Netflix is really good at having the new movies in stock.

AC - I've never heard of ANY of those movies! You put me to shame! Keep 'em coming!

P'nut said...

I just saw Cursed this past weekend and, while I like Ricci, I think she was misplaced in this movie. I have a hard time seeing her in the role of 'mature business women'. Maybe because she has such a cherubic face. Agreeably, the movie was not the greatest but it was an okay way to pass the time.