Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No spankin', just a stern talking to

We are the bad mothers. We're the ones who let our kids eat chocolate and ice cream. We're the ones who let our kids eat the Cheerio that they just found on the floor, even if we're not entirely sure it's from today. We're the ones that will let them pet the dog and then eat with their hands without stopping to wash them first. We're the ones that will let them stay up a little later because we're all having fun together. We're the ones who will serve chicken fingers and french fries for supper. We're the ones who will tell our kids "Yep, I smoked pot and drank underage but I hope you're smarter than me and think twice before doing it" rather than lying and pretending we were perfect children.

We're the ones who love our kids tremendously but know that you don't have to live by the parenting books to be a great mom.

If you fit the bill, go sign up to be one of the BAD MOMMIES. ;)


Bryan said...

The Bad Mommies fail to address the bigger things in life. Letting your kids eat Cheerios off the floor? That's not worth taking the time to say.

How about being the bad mothers who force your children to take piano lessons? How about being the bad mothers who guilt trip their kids into being nice to people that don't deserve it?

Bad Mommies or not, every parent to some degree let's their kid get away with small stuff like that.

Poppy Cede said...

I can't wait to be a bad mommy, the kind of mommy who doesn't force my kids into things they don't want to do, but balances out perfectly with encouraging them to try new things. I really hope I get along spectacularly with my kiddos, but I know part of being a parent is teaching them respect, honesty, and how to be a productive member of society without compromising his/her own values. See, this is why I'm nervous to be a parent - it's a huge responsibility, not to be taken lightly.

Candace said...

See, Bryan, that's the humor. A LOT of mothers will CRUCIFY another woman for letting her child eat Cheerios off the floor. Believe me; I've been there.

It's tongue and cheek to say, "I'm a bad Mommy because I let my kids goof off for a good part of the day."

For some mothers, that would be a horrible, horrible thing to do to a child.

Maman said...

I once saw a story on the news about a child who woke up in the middle of the night, started to play with matches and burned the house down... a tragedy, eh? No... the news folk wanted to remind us we should ALWAYS be awake whenever our children are. Even at 2:00am. So I guess the answer is.. Good Mommies NEVER sleep. I have been a dedicated Bad Mommy ever since!