Thursday, August 18, 2005


Not from lack of sleep, not from working too hard. My eyes burn and I want to close them and go to sleep. Instead of doing what I wanted I bought a chocolate mousse from the cafe and ated it. Num. Now I have an empty mousse container and my eyes are still threatening to close. Oh well. :)


J├╝rgen Nation said...

Thank God! I've been waiting for some acne answers!!

Anyway. Poppy, I've been exhausted ALL WEEK for the opposite reason - because I'm bored off my ass. Seriously! I'm too tired to do anything because I'm so tired out from being bored. A fine week, it's been.

Poppy Cede said...

I'll seriously trade with you. Come take my test tonight. Except, then we need to trade back after. :)

I deleted the acne comment so now no one is going to know what the frig you're talking about. Trust us, everybody, "." came by and posted another spamment. (Did I make that word up too?! Woohoo, on a roll! Well, okay it's the plural french conjugation of to spam, but I just mean it as a spam comment.