Sunday, August 21, 2005

Adventures in mini-world

I was at a double birthday party today. Well, okay, a triple - the son of one of our best couple friends, and the twin daughters of one of our other best couple friends. We had a blast. I'll share some pics in a bit, but I want to do a few garden pics first. Click any of the images to see the giganormous high-quality version, since they're infinitely more beau-ti-ful.

I am not sure what this is. If you know, could you leave me a comment? It was found in a bark mulch flower bed that has also had slime mold problems, so my husband believes it is a fungus.

Update: BrStarr has informed me that this is bird's nest fungus.

Your average honey bee, feasting on a tasty cone.

A furry bee? I've never seen this type of bee before. Anyone know what it is? It reminds me of Snuffy from Seasame Street. :)

Purdy :)

I went outside to grab something from the car at the party (and, to have a quiet moment which I sometimes need in group settings) and found this great photo op. I had to move a kid-size basketball hoop stand out of the way to make the picture perfect. Hope my friends don't mind! :)

That's our cabbage, and in the background that's our squash! We brought our friends a big bag of veggies since we have too many. The other veggies not pictured are tomatoes and cucmbers. By now we've had to pull the bean and broc plants because they've gone by. Still waiting on potatoes, green peppers, and mature radishes.

The sunflower from Friday is finally open! Yippy!


BrStarr said...

The fungus you are asking about looks like bird's nest fungus.

The 'eggs' are the spores to start more nests.

Poppy Cede said...

Ahhh, thank you so much! I can always count on readers to identify the "strange" stuff in my gardens. :)

Maliavale said...

Oh. Oh. Oh my god. You have a picture of a fungus in high-definition.

Oh, hurrrrl. Meep.