Thursday, August 25, 2005


I keep losing my Sharpie!!! I need my Sharpie! No, your Sharpie won't do. Only my Sharpie will work for the task at hand! ARGH! (But, at least I didn't lose my Sharpee. Perspective.)

Update: Not only is my Sharpie missing, but I broke my own cardinal rule - I tried to print before saving a Word document. Word crapped out. It said it would recover my document, but it didn't. Friggit/dy.

Update 2: Sharpie located. You wanna know where it was, don't you? It's embarrassing. It was sitting in the drawer. With the scissors. Under the letters from Jürgen and his mommy, and Kim, and the cards we keep on hand to send to Roger in Iraq. Oh, happy place.

Update 3: Document recreated without further incident, other than me swearing.


Jürgen Nation said...

Oh, Sharpies, how I love you so. Your extra fine point gives me woozy with love and admiration. You're my only preferred writing utensil, and I don't even care that you bleed through the page.

Jürgen Nation said...

I meant "makes" me woozy.

Poppy Cede said...

I like "gives", makes it much more poetic. :)