Friday, August 19, 2005


Image credit: NASA/LMSAL

Often times when I visit Tom's Astronomy Blog my breath is taken away from me, I am in awe, my eyes are bulging from my head, and I experience the ultimate quiet excitement. I'm a closet space freak. I don't know much about space, other than that it is beautiful and spectacular. Tom posted the above pic to talk about forecasting solar weather, but I was so enraptured by the image that the words were a blur to me.


Dave said...

Astronomy does the same for me! I write an astronomy column for the local paper and have put up an archive here:

Clear skies!

Bryan said...

Too bad some of the pictures I like aren't big enough to use as wallpapers. I like spacey things too, but I'm too infantile in the mind to understand a lot of it.

Blueyes said...

I love going to Tom's Astrology page as well and this is one spectacular picture :)