Friday, August 19, 2005

This is not a splog

Leave it toBryan to come up with the word of the year: splog (a spam blog). I have been entertained by a splog or two while hitting the Next Blog button, but I have never revisited a splog of my own (intentional) volition.


Bryan said...

You have been entertained while visiting a splog or two?

Yeah right.

"Tennessee Lawyer Merck Defects"
"Virginia Lawyer Merck Defects" &
"North Carolina Merck Defects" do not sound like entertaining posts.

Poppy Cede said...

I blogged about the one or two times I was entertained. Actually, I blogged about being disappointed by what I thought would be an interesting blog but then wasn't.

Bryan said...

I've updated my blog to reflect the fact that someone else termed "splog" just days before I did. Damn him!

duff said...

has anyone else noticed how the splogs seems to come up more often in the "next button" rotation? i swear, out of 20 clicks, i will see at least two splogs multiple times.