Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It takes a natural disaster to bring this family together

Last time I talked to my grandmother before Katrina arrived on land: July 4, 2005.

Last time I talked to my cousin Laura before Katrina devastated the area where she was doing her graduate studies: December 25, 2004.

Last time I talked to my cousin Jessica before Katrina went through the path that I thought she was taking to drive my cousin Laura: also December 25, 2004.

Last time I talked to my mom before Katrina just missed her on the gulf coast of Florida which was devastated last year: I don't even remember, sometime this summer...

I talked to my gram on Friday to ask about my cousins then talked to everyone else today. My grandmother lives in the Northeast and is the matriarch so always knows the status of all family members across the globe, hence my call to her about my cousins instead of calling my aunt or uncle. I do try my hardest to find the good in the very worst of situations, and this is what I am taking away - reconnection with family.

PS - If you have money to spare, that's what is needed now.


Kris said...

Thanks Poppy. And thanks for including the animals, who are so often forgotten. I'm glad mine are safe - and your loved ones, as well.

Tiger Lilly said...

Honey, I tried for years to stay away from my dysfunctional family. Now, I would do anything to be with a comfortable distance. I'll probably be heading down to Alabama to look for my mother tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll bring her back with me.

I was thinking of the animals at the zoo...lions, tigers, white gators, Louisiana black bears...and the aquarium which is at the foot fo Canal Street. So sad.

The only bright spot today is that the water stopped short of the Art museum in City Park.

I'm sad that I lived there my whole life and never drank a hurricane at Pat O'Briens, or ate at Dooky Chases or done any of the stupid things that tourists remember N O for. I HATE that I take things for granted.

Poppy Cede said...

I'm sad that I had planned to go to New Orleans last March but never did because of money and my back injury. But, that doesn't even touch the sadness everyone who lived in N O is actually experiencing, so I'll grieve quietly. Good luck finding your mom, I'll be thinking of you!

Poppy Cede said...

So far I've only been able to get through to the AHA to make a donation for the animals, The Red Cross is just overburdened. I'm continuing to try, though.