Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Don't cry for me, Argentina

It's entirely likely that you won't see much of me until next Friday since this is the heavy time at work. But, please come visit the blog and read my archives, or check back, because sometimes I'll put down very important projects to post pics.

I have a neat "bush" to photograph and post later today. I stole a sample of it from outside of one of the buildings at work. We believe it is a Chinese Wisteria, but you can judge for yourself. And, remember, "PEACE BEGINS WITH U" (which is currently tattooed on the back of my right hand, a sticker from a resource training session).

Update: Forgot to take the bush home, so brought the camera to work today. Took a pic, too busy to resize, upload, and post. Tonight. Tonight.


AnonymousCoworker said...

More accurately, peace begins with "p".

Anonymous said...

:( I'm going to miss you!

Kris said...

What will we do without you? We'll be forced to read each other's blogs.

Poppy Cede said...

The secret word is: oxzcvt. I really like word verification. :)

Um, I dunno what you'll do without me. I'm sorry. If you wanted to come do my job for me (the one where I get paid) I'd post to my blog.