Saturday, August 20, 2005

Time for a Poppy poll

To the best bloggers and bloggies on the planet, if you saw someone wearing this shirt:


Would you(?):

    a) Move Bitch
    b) kick some ass and take some names
    c) stand still and make the real bitch move
    d) have your bodyguard handle the situation
    e) move out of the way as you yell a slew of obscenities only a mother could be proud of
    f) chuckle and move on
    g) think nothing of it
    h) ask where the shirt was purchased so you can get one for yourself
    i) ask for an autograph
    j) invite the bitch to lunch
    k) other (please specify what the other is)
Let me know if you answered the poll before or after you check in with LA to see which "celeb" this is. I'm so excited to hear everyone's answers! And, just so you know, my answer: c and j. (Yes, it's okay to give combo answers.)


Anonymous said...

I just had to look and see who it was. After that I decided I wanted to kick her ass.

Carla said...

I know I'd "chuckle and move on". LOL

Bryan said...

Anyone that assumes I'm the bitch, and not themselves, needs to move out of my way.

Anonymous said...

I wish that, at birth, we were given 5 people (or more!) that we could punch without fear of retaliation or them pressing charges. Just a free punch. One of mine would be Paris Hilton.

Poppy Cede said...

Her shirt should instead say "Skinny Bitch" since "Move Bitch" is grammatically incorrect, unless she's telling us she is a bitch with good dance moves?

Tiger Lilly said...

Think she was a lame heiffer and laugh in her face.

Mel said...

I would have to say H, just cause I love funny/offensive tshirts!