Sunday, August 28, 2005

Overstating the obvious

12:45pm EST
If you live in New Orleans you should be evacuated by now. That includes you, Laura Jean. Get out.


Katrina is a category 5 hurricane and is heading straight for you, with projected 28 ft. waves. I realize that a similar scenario occurred last year and New Orleans was spared while Alabama was ravaged, but why be stupid and tempt fate?

9:45pm EST
Katrina is getting much, much closer:

Moxiegrrrl linked to a page of New Orleans webcams. There are a few webcams still working (as of this moment):

(Another webcam actually has a "recorded" message saying the webcam is down because of Katrina.)


Kris said...

This is so awful. I can't even imagine being down there, and hope everyone got out.

Tiger Lilly said...

Hey, I just got a message that moms left yesterday. They left the city and were headed towards either Atlanta or Florida. My best friend is still in his apartment and said the water was up to the second floor in first floor at his building (he lives on the second).

Haven't heard anything else from mom yet.

Bryan said...

WooHoo! $70.00 a barrel for oil!