Monday, August 15, 2005

Miss Jackson if you're nasty

Is this really so unreasonable?
Janet Jackson has some very particular demands.

The singer caused a flap in the U.K. after she allegedly gave producers of the popular TV show Top of the Pops a list of what she needed.

“Her demands were outrageous,” according to the show’s host, Fearne Cotton. “She’d insisted on 20 black hand towels, 20 candles that were exactly five inches tall, and vanilla-flavored soya milk for her tea. And I’m sure she didn’t even touch any of it in the end.” (Source)

I've seen much worse riders at The Smoking Gun. After growing up in such a turbulent environment, and working so hard to become a star, can we not afford to give her hand towels and candles if she wants hand towels and candles? And, is soy milk really that hard to come by in the UK?! It's at every store I go to in the states, even the Mom and Pop stores!

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