Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bo-ring (aka bor-ing)

Nothing exciting happens when you're just sitting on the couch recuperating from having a needle full of drugs shoved into your back. Aside from the 4pm thundershower (you'd think I lived in Florida, although it was more like a flash flood...) nothing more exciting than eating popsicles has happened today. I have read all my favorite blogs, news sites, and celebrity rags, but I am not inspired. (No offense intended toward my favorite bloggers, you already said best what you posted about!)

If anyone's got anything exciting to tell me, please share.


Molicious said...

Sorry to disapoint, nothing exciting here. But feel free to head over to my place and read about overpriced dental appointments and dog farts. :o)

Bryan said...

Needles in the back, eh? To relieve some pain? If yes, maybe I should get some needles too. Now, who wants to pierce me? Scratch that... Of those I trust, who wants to pierce me?

Poppy Cede said...

Bryan, might I suggest that you try other methods to relieve pain? I had to have 4 needles in my back (the numbing agent, then a needle that was in the wrong spot, then another numbing agent, and then the needle that struck gold. So, um, yah. Not the safest procedure to have. If they do it wrong they can cause lots of scary problems. During my ligament injection in July I had to have 10 needles in my back. I'd say stick to pain reliever herbal remedies or pain relievers.