Thursday, May 03, 2007


(click to see full photo)

I lifted up the blinds to the kitchen window for Ripley and Red Squirrel was just standing at full attention in the bird bath. Thankfully he stayed long enough for me to find my camera and get a shot of him. And then Grey Squirrel came over and Red Squirrel took off. Oh well.

Yes, I did just mow that grass on Monday. On a very low setting. But Hay fertilized and it has rained so the grass is out of control again. The long part of our lawn is nice and short, I just mowed that last night! :)


Bearette24 said...

How cute! I love his erect posture (not like that ;)

Avitable said...

Great photo!

Poppy Cede said...

Bearette - My mind isn't always in the gutter. It is a cool pose.

Avi - Thank you. :)

sourpuss said...

SqueeeEEEEE!! I love it! I love skwerls (as you know) and this picture is fantastic! He looks like a young'un, too!