Friday, June 01, 2007

Make Poppy Say Anything

Mr. Fab, I told you I preferred that movie over Love, Actually and I meant it. I love me some John Cusack.

Everyone, I have opened myself up to the challenge: Here's your opportunity to be creative. You send me something to read that is chock full of your favorite swears and I'll vlog it. Submit your scripts, poems, stories, etc. by three minutes ago and I'll add it to the pile of vlogologue (since no one will be acting with me it will be a video blog monologue). Please submit original works only, I don't want to get arrested for kicking a cop in the groin because he tried to tell me to take my video down.

I am labelling this as a contest, but everyone is a winner. Except those of you who send me things that I don't want to say. Because then you lose.

So far my only submission is ACW wanting me to say "shitcock" and "douchewhistle" which to me is child's play. I say those to the pretty lady who gives me my meds every morning!

How to submit: Click on my profile and then use the e m a l i:) link (donut forget to remove the d--ashes). Or, use your address book because I know I'm in it!!!!@!~~~!!. And no, I won't vlog naked or partially naked. QUIT ASKING. :P (Mel, this was not directed at you. Promise. But the photo is.)

If no one submits anything by three minutes ago (or a reasonable amount of time) then I'm cancelling the contest. Not a threat, just my legal contract mumbo jumbo opt-out clause.


Mel said...

Mmmm, Poppy! Good lord, you have such a fine rack! ;)

Question: Does it have to be swears?

I'm thinking I would LOVE to hear you narrate on of my very steamy "dirty romance novels"!

Poppy Cede said...

You submit it and I'll let you know. :)

Mel said...

Done and done :)

Avitable said...

So we should email you to your email address if we have ideas? You sure you want them by email? Because I'd leave my submission in the comments, but I guess I'll email it by email instead.

Poppy Cede said...

Mel - I'm not reading it until I get home because I know it's super dirty.

Avi - You want the s p m a b 0 t z to take over my blog, don't you. :P

Tug said...

I'm e-mailing!!