Friday, June 15, 2007

And not in a good way.

Oh sucks. Sucks, sucks, sux0r sucks. By the way? Sucks.

Why is it that everything has to be so difficult? And )expen$ive(? And no, I can't tell you what I'm talking about, but apply it to your own (personal or professional) life and I'm sure you'll empathize with me.


Lisslo said...


Poor Poppy.

I totally understand. Try $750 tuition, $100 books, $220 car registration, $160 for two tires. All at once. Plus my normal bills.


Poppy Cede said...

Liss - Ow. At least my problem isn't with my own money. And I LOVE how you pulled a Father Ted! :) Here's a hug in return because you need it more: *HUG!!!*

sourpuss said...

I hear ya, baby, I hear ya.