Friday, June 01, 2007

News flash

DAMMIT!!! I wanna say something here but I can't. I AM BEING CENSORED! EFFING A. Clearly not being profanity censored, just thought censored.

I'm going to make a vlog of me just saying swear words because some of you like that.


anonymouscoworker said...

May I request a swear?

I may?


I'd like to hear "shitcock".

"Douchewhistle" is also acceptable.

Mel said...

Does "thought censorship" also occur over email? If not, you better spill it, sister! :)

Poppy Cede said...

ACW - You can do one better than request a swear. You can write me an entire paragraph/story chocked full of swears for me to read. I could even open this up to everyone. And I'd read everything that everyone sent me. Within reason.

Mel - Clearly it does not, because I spilled all over you. Sorry if you're moist now. :P

Mel said...

Poppy made Mel moist. Mmmmm.

Wow, you leave me an opening like that and still wonder why I'm so naughty...