Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mundane train (aka zomg bored!!!!)

Because I seem to have had a creative stroke and I'm a total copycat, here's me being bored all evening last night:

Okay, so I laugh sometimes. The one time when Hay's shirt comes into the frame is when I was reading LA Rag Mag and was staring at totally NSFW photos of Danny from Real World: New Orleans.



Mel said...

Am I the only one having trouble getting the video to load??

Mr. Fabulous said...

I can't get it to load either...

Avitable said...

I think it's because she set it as private. Only people she invites can actually watch it.

Fix it, Poppy!

And I was a bit horrified to read that she was calling Danny Roberts's penis small - I thought it looked like a pretty good size for a skinny white dude.

Avitable said...

Awesome video - and I like the glasses!

Mel said...


Doesn't look like a boring evening at all :)

Joefish said...

Ooh, look who's a little cutie.

Poppy Cede said...

Oh, like y'all need to see me being bored! ;)

I made the video private last night so that people wouldn't watch it early, forgot to public it this morning. Sorry, fixed!

And that penis is HUGE. Not donkey huge, but huge enough!

Angel said...

I made the mistake of clicking on a link on that page, and it took me to a page with a man with a dick that is bigger than my arm. Oh.My.God. I feel sorry for him.

Lynn and Alex said...

We here at LA RAg Mag, loved the video, how did you speed it up like that?

Next time we'll warn you about the boners!

Poppy Cede said...

Hi Lynn and Alex!!!! I used the time lapse feature in iMovie. And I totally don't mind stumbling upon a boner. ;)

Poppy Cede said...

OKAY, I'll come do this properly.

Mel - No.

Mr Fab - Yup.

Avi - It's cuz I'm smaht.

Avi - Thanks. :) I'll do a different video with the other glasses another time. Probably the video where I smutt talk for Mel.

Mel - It was super dull. I am easily entertained, but some effort needs to be made. (And I can hear you yelling through the screen. I'll make the video soon.)

Joe - *blush*

Angel - You should always wear a browsing condom.

Poppy - You're funny.

Poppy - I know!

nabbalicious said...

You are so cute! I love your smile!

Dan said...

Very clever and wildly creative. Love the rapid eye movement. Seriously, well done. Choice of music is a nice fit.