Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Free chips!

If you've never had Kettle chips then you're not living. If you love chips (I know some of you don't, I get it, shush) then please point your browser over to the Kettle neighborhood and guess how many chips fit in the smart fortwo car. If you win the contest you get free chips for a year!

The likelihood of you winning: Not very likely.

The likelihood of you having a good time guessing anyway: Very likely.

Please note that I have not had the cheddar beer chips yet, but as soon as I locate some I'm eating an entire bag. Potato plus cheese plus beer equals love.


Tug said...

Ooh, nummers! Like beer cheese soup w/ potatoes. with a crunch. kinda. Kettle chips are the BEST.

Kristen said...

I'd rather have a smart car.

anonymouscoworker said...

Kristen- A fortwo IS a smartcar.

Also, my favorites are Double Gloucester and Onion, and Yogurt and Green Onion.

Avitable said...

I don't love chips.


Poppy Cede said...

Tug - I can't wait to try those.

K - Hehe.

ACW - You don't win the car, you win the chips. I think she wants the car. And when I come to visit you I think you need to feed me chips. K? K.

Avi - Did you not read the "shush" part?! DIRECTED AT YOU. You know that, you're just trying to get me alllllll riled up, as you do every day. :P