Sunday, June 03, 2007

QT, snacked, SGP, skipped

My parents finally left for their home very early this morning after an entire week of totally invading my personal space. When Hay and I woke up I was excited to spend some quality time with him. He was excited to give me a wet Willie (my first one ever, so I guess that's a plus) and go play a zombie game.

Dawg keeps snacking on me like I'm awesome or something, when in fact he is the one who is awesome.

Okay, got your fleur set uploaded. Teaser:


Go see flickr for all 48 photos.

The best part of the day is to come: Hay and I are intentionally skipping a wedding. We're going to get all dressed up in our wedding gear (since we have it), go within a tenth of a mile of the wedding site and have coffee, then go home. CHEERS! B, it's the bird lady getting married and this is our ultimate vindication. If anyone thinks I'm kidding about any part of this you're sorely mistaken.


Avitable said...

Yeah, you need to skip it and get some rest.

And what type of wet willie are we talking about? Is there a dirty kind?

bdogg_mcgee said...

HAHA, you're not going to the wedding after all, huh?

F-ing PRICELESS! I commend you, dear Poppy.

Tug said...

NICE...I'm not sure though whether I'd rather skip the wedding or dressing up.

LOVE the photos...if I want to redo my template, can I use one? Your name will be on my sidebar...

Poppy Cede said...

Avi - Thank you for your permission. I definitely heeded. And regarding the wet willie, there are definitely dirty kinds. :)

B - Thank you! I don't feel even a little bad about skipping it.

Tug - We didn't bother dressing up, but we did go out for coffee. You specifically are welcome to any of my photos. Except the ... nope, you can use those too. ;)

Kristen said...

Why would you get dressed up to skip a wedding? If you're skipping the wedding, why get dressed up?

jenny said...

What about the reception? Are you going to crash that? Get some yummy crab cakes to take home or something?

Love the flowers.

nabbalicious said...

What's the back story with this wedding? I'm dying to know!

Poppy Cede said...

K - Didn't bother dressing up. It sounded good last night when we were scheming with my mom.

Jenny - I don't eat seafood of any sort so going to the reception was not appealing to me for any reason.

Heather - I'll post the story tomorrow. A little suspense is good for you. ;)

Tug said...

You're awesome, & will get proper credit!