Sunday, June 24, 2007

Reality virtual

This post is probably quite clearly the result of me pouring through all the blog posts and comments about Dawg and Puppy Monster.

Why is it so much more accepted as valid to have been in someone's physical presence and formed a friendship versus having met online, shared each other's deepest hopes and dreams, and realized you want to be each other's friend?

I'm doing a count in my head and telling you that every single one of the friends I am close with except two are people I knew from the internet first. They became my friends there first. I didn't have to meet them to know how incredibly amazing they were.

And for anyone who argues that meeting someone in person gives us a better sense that the person is genuine: Is that really true? We all get tricked by people in our physical lives as well, from time to time. We all think we know people and then realize we don't know them as well as we thought. That's life.

I think Amy, creator of the graphics for the Puppy Monster memorial, says it best:
    "Can you believe this? I've never been so proud to belong to a community before in my life. It's one thing to say you have friends, but it's another thing when the chips are down to see who really stands by you - no matter how far away, how well they know you, or if you've ever met face to face."
I can believe it, I'm so happy that there are truly good people in the world, and that I get to be a part of a truly selfless act for an incredible person. I'm also really happy that, much to his chagrin, Avi's reputation as a total asshole has been completely and utterly and irrevocably decimated. Sorry, sweetie, your teddy bear heart is shining through. And so are those of all the people who are showing Dawg support monetarily and through kind words. (But, Avi, scooch a little closer for a sec: If you make that kitten killing video you [I HOPE] joked about in order to get your reputation "back on track" I am not kidding about turning you in, so DON'T. DO. IT.)

To Helen and B and any of my other readers who may have quietly purchased graphics, thank you so very, very much.


Avitable said...

I have to do something to get my reputation back. Maybe I should go kick a nun in the crotch.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Very well said, my friend, very well said.

Poppy Cede said...

Avi - Nun kicks to the crotch are totally fine, because they all wear steel-plated cups and they kick back.

Fab - You were my original inspiration for this post but Amy's comment just clinches it.

Poppy Cede said...

Or, rather, kicks to nun crotch. Because the other way implies that they are kicking first and they would never kick first.