Thursday, June 14, 2007

In which I rob my friend blind then try to stick my hands in his pants

Yesterday before a meeting I did something I've never done before: I asked someone to buy me a drink. Granted, it was just a soda and it was one of my best friends I was asking, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Which really means that when I left my office without any money I was too lazy to turn around and go get some so I schemed that I would find someone who had money and bum money off of them. The scenario went something like this...

Poppy: *looking at Break Boy's lunch* You don't have a beverage!
Break Boy: I never buy a beverage.
Poppy: Why don't you buy a beverage?
Break Boy: (Poppy was too busy staring into Break Boy's absolutely gorgeous blue eyes to pay any attention to his response)
Poppy: Will you buy me a beverage? *batting eyelashes*
Break Boy: *reaches into pocket and pulls out two dollars, hands them to Poppy*
Break Boy: *reaches back into pocket and pulls out two more dollars, hands them to Poppy*
Break Boy: *reaches into pocket and pulls out one dollar, one quarter, one dime, one penny, hands them to Poppy*
Poppy: Would you care for a beverage?
Break Boy: *nods*
Poppy: For real?
Break Boy: *nods*
Poppy: What would you like?
Break Boy: Surprise me.
Poppy: ... ... ... Really, what do you want me to get you?
Break Boy: *big grin* Surprise me.
Poppy: *big grin* You know I'm going to get you something gross, right?
Break Boy: Part of the surprise!

I ended up getting him something he likes. I gave him back his change. I almost put it in his pocket for him but then came to my senses that I was at work and that my direct supervisor was staring at us. Then of course there's that issue of him accusing me of sexual harassment even though I'm going to his birthday party Sunday.


Mel said...

And I thought *I* was a flirt!! I have much to learn from you... ;)

Avitable said...

Just wait until the birthday party, then put your hands down his pants!

Bearette24 said...

Good story, but I am curious:

Which beverage did you get? My mind is saying "Coke."

Was it the supervisor or break boy who accused you of sexual harassment?? And that sounds like a whole nother story...

Poppy Cede said...

Mel - "Young Grasshopper" is your new name.

Avi - We'll see how the day plays out. :)

Bearette - Your mind would be right (it was actually a Coke Zero, trying to be more beverage calorie conscious). And no one actually accused me of sexual harassment because I didn't put my hand into Break Boy's pocket, but that's a very good question since I can be accused if someone just witnesses a situation and considers it sexual harassment. I'm guessing Break Boy would have just been startled and amused but my supervisor would have written me up.